Redundancy & Mathematics

Ultimately there exists only nothing and everything.  These may be represented by 0 and {0}=1, respectively, but once we start the process of re-presentation we are headed down the path of redundancy, and mathematics follows.

The unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics is the measure of our alienation from {0}.  But math can only go half way into alienation before it begins to implode under its own weight back into the {0} of its origin.  The imminent meaning-centered implosion of the Internet will be a related virtual eschaton.  The AXO (0X0 (8)) schema is what redeems us from our redundancy.

Mathematics is the logic of redundancy.  It is that largely unconscious logic which will keep the airplanes flying for as long as we need them.  The prospective unified field theory of physics is emblematic of the implosion that awaits us at the eschaton.  This is the implosion of hyper-synchronicity, which will evidence the holographic basis of our world and which necessitates the UFT.

Redundancy is a measure of our ignorance.  Logic is what fills and supports the vacuum of our ignorance.  Science deals only with the logical hall of mirrors that is our reflected ignorance.  The implosive unification of that logic will be a significant part of our apocalypse.

Nothingness can only arise in a singular fashion from our minds as an unconscious construct of logic, whose singularity we discover only after the fact.  It is an aspect of the final causation of the world.

Technology and economics play a necessary and multifaceted role in the construction and ‘deconstruction’ of the redundancy of the world.  It is our job to facilitate the end game.

Quantum logic is where the dictates of classical logic begin to give way to anthropology, leading us back from the nihilism of pure science.  QL shows us the holography of the cosmos and its absolute non-redundancy, pointing finally to Christology.  Quantum computing will the minimal technology of our redemption.  Don’t sell Lucent short, in other words.

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rev. 9/23/98