Salvation drama

‘Ring-pass-not’ is an esoteric notion describing a barrier in the path of spiritual evolution.  For the purpose here, materialism is the singular barrier to the soul.  Mind you, it is not the non-existent matter, but just the idea of materialism that is the barrier.

If matter is non-existent, why do we become materialists?  We can blame the self-concealing God who hides behind the apparent materiality of nature.  In our search for truth we become further entrapped in the ‘material’ veil.  The more we struggle with those bonds, the tighter they pull.  One might easily see this arrangement as diabolical.

It is for this reason that we cannot storm heaven, we cannot build a tower of Babel, or create a golem.  Materiality serves to protect us from the larger cosmos, but also from ourselves by limiting or channeling our self-destructiveness.

We cannot save ourselves from the illusion of matter.  Only the self-revelation of the cosmic spirit and our subsequent realignment will suffice.  It is this final revelation about which we are impatient and fearful.  This revelation will occur through us, in keeping with the prophetic tradition, despite all our procrastination.  It seems now to be a question of who, where and when.  Various interests with varying degrees of knowledge put their cards on the table.  ‘Les jeux sont fait.’  This is how we thread the eye of the needle, the ring-pass-not.


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