Society for the (Non?)Preservation of Pi

We may have a case of the Preservationists v the Circle Squarers, or the Irrationalists v the Rationalists, depending on one's belief about the true nature of pi.

Squaring the circle may relate to the building of a perpetual motion machine. Consider the Pi Alternator. In quantum fashion we may consider Pi to be the superposition of, say, 22/7 & 355/113. There would effectively be two curvatures of space and the (post?)quantum machine that could superimpose both of them would be able to generate perpetual motion. Non-decoherence would be mentally-shamanically maintained by a Sarfattian Chorus of back-acting dual rationalists. By such means we would gradually be able to effectively increase the value of the quantum 'h' without suffering any adverse anthropic effects.

This Pi Alternator would operate in a Maxwell Demonic manner rather like Apoorva Patel claims that our own enzymes work, as relayed by Dana Beal:

If we could maintain the constructive interference of the Danas and Patels w/o the destructive interference of the Info Freakos we would be half way to the stars by now.

There will then be post-quantum computers that operate according to the various rational 'approximations' of pi, maintained by Sarfattian tribal/cultish back-acting ritualists, which are networked to produce the constructive interference that will augment the life force of Dana & Patel, without the Info druggies.

The Nomalies of physics are maintained in our collective psyche much the way our immune enzyme system preserves the nominal integrity of our bodies. Taking Prednazone is like increasing the quantum 'h', it tones down the immune system to allow the incorporation of 'parasitic' Anomalies, but one must then increase ones vigilance lest the Freako parasites gain entry, as opposed to the benevolent mitochondrial, perpetual motion 'parasites.'

Long live us SNaPPies in de-skies!

Chicken Little


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