Wired Omega

Take away the wires and we might have something.  A dear relative once suggested that I put my physics to good use by figuring out how to eliminate all those ugly wires.  I chose to interpret that as a push toward metaphysics and not as a prescient forecast of wireless communications.  I predict there will also be no transistors in heaven.

Erik Davis has a grand vision of the future; all he has to do is ditch the wires.  The only thing wrong with his electronic Body of Christ is the electrons.  In this regard he suffers only a slight failure of the spirit.  His mother forgot to explain to him that the telephones don’t really work.  This lacuna does handicap his obvious prophetic talents.

It is equally obvious that if God did not want us to invent the Internet, she would not have given us electrons and photons to play with, but at some point we will be called upon to set aside these toys.  How do we know that we are we not being piped instead into the maw of a satanic, alien cyborg from Beta Reticulus?  Do we not all have UPC 666 on our foreheads?

We don’t know.  We are supposed to keep on our toes.  The Internet is not heaven.  It is just a ladder with some loose rungs.  We must step lightly.  It shines only in a pale reflected light.

Erik says, ‘never mind the wires, let’s just go with the chaotic flow.’  ‘Go with the flow’ is the battle cry of the techno-utopians often heard in these environs.  I demur in favor of a more substantive, less wired revelation.

It all comes back to the misplaced substantiality that those of an unwitting Bohmian mindset invest in the electrons.  But if you attend carefully to the bouncing quantum ball you know that electrons are but an informational construct woven out of an Anthropic logic.  That web of logic is the cosmic Internet, of which its wired cousin is but a shadow.  This is the Gnosis beyond the techno glitter.

We need have no fear of wires or electrons.  They are but stage props and security blankets to help us toward our spiritual adolescence; keeping us on the straight and narrow.

The consciousness movement and alternative medicine are gradually deconstructing our physical materiality in favor of a psychosomatic cosmology.  We see the soma, but not yet the cosmic psyche.  Then we realize that we are the cosmic psyche.  We have met God and she is us, virtually and virtuously.

That is the last revelation.  When you let yourself hear it you will go in peace.


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