Threat Assessment – pt 2
Beyond sentiment

Scientists will find it difficult to accept that their profession was built on the foundation provided by the Inquisition.  That historical fact will be all too obvious once the spirit is unleashed.  They will find solace only in the further fact that it was the Christ-event that paved the way for the Inquisition in the first place.  This connection is an essential part of the cosmic plan for our salvation.

Understanding history is a crucial part of our preparation for the eschaton.  Knowledge will be our primary weapon for containing the threat posed by the eschaton.  Our knowledge must not be colored with sentiment.  We find ourselves in a very tight spot.  To get out of the tight spot we will have to know precisely how and why we got into it.

It is paramount that we face evil.  I maintain that the source of evil lies in the self-concealment of God.  Creation is made possible by the voluntary self-limitation, self-concealment of God.  This is the foundation of our free will.  Non-interference is the prime directive.  The eschaton will violate that directive primarily through the agency of the Second Coming.  Our faith is tested as always.

Why has God waited for so long to reveal Himself?  Holocaust is piled on holocaust.  What end could justify this means?  Can any end justify any means?  Without venturing into the abyss, we cannot scale the heights.  Some lessons can only be learned the hard way.  Unless we fully understand the consequences of every action and inaction, we will not be sufficiently careful about finding our footholds on the cliffs above.  There will come the day when we too shall slip, and so will begin another round.  It is expected that we will transcend all previous limitations.  Can the center of gravity be any more grave?  Only if we have sufficient levity.  Only in this fashion can our history become present.  These riddles of time will be mastered.  They are essential to the unfolding and infolding of the eschaton.

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