Time & Progress
A fundamental lapse of logic

Almost everyone educated in modern physics is suffering from a fundamental lapse of logic.

Virtually everyone concurs in the view that absolute time is defunct. Everyone agrees that the most significant lesson of 20th century physics was the overthrow of the Newtonian concept of absolute space and time at the hands of relativity and the quantum.

However, I am the only one in these parts who is taking this lesson seriously, and a big lesson it is!

The idea of evolution and progress is rather new in the history of ideas; nonetheless, it has become thoroughly ingrained in the modern psyche. It is even fair to say that the idea, the idol, of progress is the one absolutely essential idea of modern civilization. And yet it has been shown to be patently false. Herein lies the logical end of modern civilization.

Once ingrained, the idea of progress becomes very hard to shake, but shake it we will.

Nowhere has the notion of absolute time and progress played greater havoc than it has with our concept of God. We have come to insist that God must enjoy (suffer?) progress just as as we do!

This infantile insistence is simply modern idiocy.

Get over it!


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