What if I’m wrong?

In case you hadn’t noticed, the logic of immaterialism mandates certain crucial elements of the prophetic tradition despite the fact that historically the mystical tradition has been more partial to immaterialism.  In particular, immaterialism mandates a self-concealing, self-revealing creator along with an abbreviated linear time-scale punctuated by an Alpha and Omega.  This does sound suspiciously similar to the tenets of fundamentalism.

Perhaps the biggest bone I have to pick with the fundamentalists concerns the Tribulation, and beyond that it is the nature of evil.  The fundamentalists are big on evil and retribution and thus tribulation.  Where they go wrong is in their near idolatry of Satan.  They give too much credence to evil.  I suggest that the cosmos is a tight ship, and that there is not enough slack to permit a Satan that is a loose cannon on the ship.  Fundamentalists grossly underestimate the efficiency of the cosmos.  They have virtually no appreciation of Leibniz Principle of Sufficient Reason.  There is a reason for everything, particularly for ‘evil.’

Specifically, the fundamentalists do not grasp the cunning of God’s concealment.  Scientific cosmology is not a human aberration; it is fundamental to the cosmic plan.  Yes, the fundamentalists are weak on the fundamentals.  The fundamentalists are not fundamental at all; they are bibliolators.  They underestimate the importance of Christ in the flesh and in the cosmic scheme, and, of course, have no conception of the death of God.  Is this a problem?  No, their misconception of the Second Coming is a necessary ingredient of it.

‘Evil’ is the result of our gullibility concerning the concealment.  Scientists are guilty of out-smarting themselves, and nothing more beyond the arrogance and hubris that goes with that error.  But the irony is that it requires an even greater hubris to rise above the herd mentality of the scientists in order to penetrate the cosmic deception.  Unless one is willing to partake of a spiritual responsibility of biblical proportions, one will stick to one’s scientific knitting.  What I have had to do to get to this point of presumed clarity goes far beyond any conceivable job description, unless you consider John 16:12 ff. to be a help-wanted posting.

The long and short of it is that we have paid our dues and done our homework.  We don’t need scolding; we need enlightenment.  We need a proper prophetic revelation.  The Internet can handle most of that, but God will have to get the ball rolling.  Is that the dead God?  No, that is the eternal God.

And if I'm wrong?


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