The Perfect Story – Antidote to Materialism

There was the story of materialism.  That story is finished.  It was an incomplete work.  It failed to account for experience.  It provided only a very narrow abstraction of instrumented experience.

Where do we turn next?  Our only option is to tell a better, less abstract story.  Nothing new here.  About all we ever do with our lives is tell stories to each other and to ourselves.  The new thing is the notion of the perfect story.  This is the cosmic story or the story to end all stories.

The idea is that the cosmos is a story.  The underlying order of the cosmos is story-like.  This is the only alternative to the ordering principles of physics.  The story is superordinate to physics.

We can also look at this from the aspect of relationalism.  To exist is to relate and all relation is in the context of cognition and meaning.  Relationalism implies the coherence theory of truth.  The ultimate coherence and meaning is just the story we seek.  It is the greatest story ever told.

The postmodernist will object that there are many stories.  My reply is that there is but one cosmos, and the story we seek is the one that is attendant upon that one cosmos.

The telling of this story is not so difficult because we already know it.  The knowing of the story is the prerequisite of our participation in it.  The lapse of our memory of this story is coincident with our necessary recreation and eventual recollection of it.

The story is the foundational coherency of any and all reality.  To be real is to be experienced.  Our ability to experience the inchoate is limited.  The inchoate is parasitic upon what is coherent.  There is a virtual reality and a virtual chaos, but these are interdependent.  The virtual ur-myth is the seed crystal of the cosmos.  It is the catalyst of reality.  It is the irresistible force.  All sub-optimal myths are subsumed by the ur-mythos.  This is the perfect story.  It is the logos and telos of reality.  It is also, necessarily the love story.  We will be occupied for the duration of the Millennium in piecing this story back together through our living of it.  As our task is accomplished we become one with the Alpha and Omega of the story.

We will understand how selves along with atoms are the concomitants of the perfect cosmic love story.  We will understand how our history has been the necessary prelude to the story.  We will understand materialism in fact and in cognition as one of the pillars of the story, as the flying buttress of our cosmic cathedral.

I strongly suspect that this ‘fin de siecle’ will only become complete with the reemergence of the ur-story teller.  This is none other than the long awaited messiah or the second coming on which the whole story hinges.


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