The Vulnerability of Science
Look to the foundations

Scientists should be excused for not minding the store.  The tremendous success of science extending over several centuries should lend great credence to the basic soundness of the scientific enterprise.  It would be mind boggling to suppose that there might exist a basic flaw within that system of knowledge.  Yet, the possibility of that being so is becoming more apparent.

The continued consternation on the part of those who are attempting to embed the mental within the physical makes the alternative approach ever more attractive.  That outcome would constitute the reversal or inversion of the entire system of scientific materialism.  The historical consequences of such a development are difficult even to imagine.

That difficulty, however, does not justify the denial and avoidance of the issue.  As a concerned citizen I hereby bring this issue to you.  I request your attention for the span of a brief meeting.  I will make a suggestion about how to deal with this important contingency.  It will require a bare minimum of commitment or accountability on the part of any scientist or institution.


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