Yahweh & Jesus
Monotheism on the ropes

Beside Jesus, Yahweh suffers a fate not much better than Buddha: he looks quaintly, faintly ridiculous.  It is no wonder that Mary had to be elevated to supplement the spiritual heft of her former suitor.

Trinitarianism has been a difficult brew for the monotheistic tradition to imbibe, and its refusal is legion.  One way around the impasse is to dump Yahweh.  Gnostic Docetism is a step in this direction, and immaterialism obviates much of the historical problem with multiple substances.

I have been tempted on occasion to say that God fully emptied himself into the incarnation, making His death real.  This is in contrast to what I have just said about the supra-temporal nature of the cosmic mind, but until we partake of the hierogamos we should not expect a premature rationale.  It is logical to suppose that the Second Coming will complete the divination of the Body of Christ, that’s us, and that is the hierogamos or resurrection of God.

The Jews and Muslims will not have so much trouble with all this the second time around, in fact, they will probably find it easier to take than many ‘Christians.’  The Hindus and Buddhists should be satisfied with the basic immaterialism of it all and the fact that they are getting off the wheel a lot quicker than their experts predicted, thanks, of course, to JC.  Is everybody still happy?


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