In Other Words

The Aquarium is an informal and loose-knit association of individuals with widely divergent backgrounds who share a common realization and goal. We recognize that society is rapidly approaching what will be a critical junction. This junction will be the point of convergence for a number of powerful trends and may severely challenge the ability of our organized institutions to effectively govern.

Although we feel that the most profound issue facing man at the present time is essentially spiritual, we also realize that the most practical way to bring this issue to the public is to become involved in some of the related current problems. Examples of our present areas of concern are:

  • the problem of realigning the secular political institutions with the undeniably spiritual nature of the universe;
  • government openness related to the above;
  • selected ecological issues (tigers), etc.

While a strong spiritual basis is central to the Aquarium world view, dogmatic adherence to any one belief system is strictly avoided. We also eschew any political affiliations which would limit our ability to act effectively.

Our goal is to minimize the confusion, disruptions and disharmony that will occur and to maximize the benevolent aspects of the inevitable coming changes. To this end we endeavor to engage a number of key relevant issues.




Submitted by Bill L. - 2/10/97

Edited by Dan S. - 2/12/97












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