Pulling the Plug

Recall the flood and the Arc. As the waters recede the Arc on the ground and in the sky is the guarantee that the waters will not return until the end of time. The Arc is the cosmic plug. So is the arc of the covenant, which is not to be opened until the end, when it will become a Pandora’s box, from which the cosmic energies are released. These plugs are also the grail stone that we all seek with great trepidation.

The grail stone is the original megalith. The sacred dimensions of all those arcs are the foundation of our sacred geometry, serving after the fashion of the Greenwich Observatory. The secret is like the squaring of the circle. In the sacred precinct lies the foundation stone, which will also serve as the fulcrum for moving the world at its end point. How could such a secret be kept down through the ages? What prevents its untimely discovery?

The decimal is one part of this secret. It is part of the sacred dimension. In the form of powers as 10^10, it defines the final number of souls and more generally it is the scaling number of our Anthropic cosmology. And let us not forget the Millennium. The historical tension between the decimal and the duodecimal continues into the present.

The cosmic tapestry of the relational paradigm is held together by a kind of chain stitching. Somewhere by logic lies the loose end which when pulled will unravel the cosmos and bring down the eschaton – everything in its time.


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