Recap -- Metanarrative


Although we have come full circle back to the best of possible worlds, the story of this world is just about to begin.  This circling around has simply been by way of touching upon a few of the intellectual bases that have brought us to this jumping-off point.  The scientific and analytical movements to which I have been alluding have just been side-shows relative to the cosmic drama of what is now alleged to be the best of worlds.  

I am fully aware that I have not proven the BPW thesis.  What proof there is, is going to have to be in the pudding, that is, in what follows.  

I am offering an alternative to the factoids that make up the world of modernity.  Instead of a smorgasbord of facts, I offer you a meal that is one coherent truth.  From the perspective of postmodernism, we will be flirting with the dreaded reemergence of a Metanarrative, and, naturally, it will speak to the Eschaton, among other things.  

The Metanarrative, if it is anything at all, will serve as a revelation.  It will be a revelation of Biblical proportions.  In the end it will be self-justifying and self-verifying.  My own feeble attempt here in these few pages is simply in anticipation and facilitation of this revelation, which ultimately is a matter of our own hearts and spirits.  

Once again, I may be jumping ahead of the story.............

[Later on 5/20]  In these first fifteen pages I have tried to make plausible the extreme fragility of materialism.  It should only take one convincing encounter with a ghost to shatter the very thin exoskeleton of that metaphysic.  Instead of a ghost, I offer you the increasingly accepted notion of the irreducibility of a variety of mental entities.  These entities may not be quite as hair raising as a ghost, but what they portend for materialism is every bit as dire.  Once we afford reality to anything immaterial, our only logical recourse is to reexamine virtually every metaphysical possibility.  Out of these I suggest the path of coherence, simply because it is the only one that is, well, coherent. 


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