I'll bet you didn't know that my guru's guru is an Imam at the Dome of the Rock.  Neither did I until a few weeks ago.  You never know what those Quakers will get into. 

If the modern materialist establishment needed a thorn in its side, as surely it does, could we have invented a better one than this?  Will they not also try the souls of the postmodern pluralists?  Those apocalypse freaks seem a bit impatient with my Metanarrative, bless their hearts.  What will happen when they discover the Internet?  

There are aspects of christianity that are too subtle, even for the Christians.  It gets very fuzzy.  Islam managed to cut out a lot of the fuzz, but it also managed to throw out the baby with the bath.  Without McCluhan how could they have known that the message was in the medium?  

They did not quite understand then that the last would be the first, but they are about to witness that in themselves, along with all the rest of us. 


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