Antipodes II


So we have Antipode 1 and Antipode 2:  the Big Bang and the Big Spontaneous Self.  On the face of it, is not the former much harder to imagine than the latter?  Imagine how much scientific and technical discipline and effort have gone into the 'discovery' of the Big Bang.  But every time any person engages in a conversation, say, that person is automatically creating a mini-self in her mind to represent her interlocutor.  Big Bangs happen.  Selves happen.  Then what? 

Does our existence as consciously minded, embodied beings somehow represent the accidental impingement of these two antipodal Spontaneities?  Or what? 

Accident shmaccident!  Or are we to suppose that God sits around like a Cosmic Cuckoo waiting for a suitable nest to spontaneously appear before dropping Her egg on an unsuspecting Mother Nature.  This is tantamount to what the modernized creationists are suggesting when they attempt to marry the Bible with the Big Bang, resulting in a Big you know what!  

If we insist on this antipodal equal opportunity, the only thing we guarantee is incoherence.  How much longer are the materialists and the dualists going to bang their heads on the Big Bang?   Certainly for as long as their paychecks hold out.  What will it take to get them to unshackle the mind from all of their arbitrary and artificial constraints?  What will the rest of us do about it?  If we are incapable of breathing a breath of fresh coherence into the mostly vacuous cacophony of the Internet, what will be our excuse?  Will we just let Google take its course?  



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