C. S. Lewis ('Jack' to his friends, I'm told)


Following a little further down our 'conspiracy' path, we must cross another river from Cambridge, not the Charles to the 'B' School, but over the Cam and through the woods to Jack's idealist Christian cabal at Oxford on Thames. 

I guess we're about to find out how in one generation we got from a hot bed of idealist Christians to the trash science of Richard Dawkin's selfish genes and memes.  For the love of Christ!  Some heads will roll. 

Jack is the exception that proves the rule.  But what is the rule here? 

My guess is that it mostly hinges on the Bomb, and those funny bones.  But where was the fear of God?  All I've heard from that direction was a fear of Shiva and of Joe, Stalin that is.  Was U235 part of the plan?  If it were, then we must be some real ornery customers.  

Why not just use a deus ex (saucer) machina?  Wouldn't that be a lot friendlier, more in keeping with the BPW scenario -- fewer heads rolling?  If anyone knew the answer to that it would have been 'Manhattan & MJ12 (Saucer)' Don the Harvard don, and my Dad's erstwhile buddy on the Steering Committee.  It's fair to say that I spent the last ten years pursuing that lead, and here I am, still wondering.  It was the Bomb that expedited the Internet, in how many different ways?  Perhaps we were running a few years late for Y2C, and still are, for that matter.  Bomb + Internet >= better than Saucer?!  Why, you ask?  


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