Show Time?  


Are we ready for this?  I'm afraid that we are as ready as we will ever be.  That's not saying a heck of a lot, but, hey, it's good enough for 'gummint' work. 

And who's calling these shots, we might like to know?  That's the only real question right now.

Gates, McConnell and Gen. Clapper.  Gates appoints Clapper to be head of intel at the Pentagon.  I didn't know that this was anything different from his present position as the director of the DIA, but I am told that it is.  MM will need to be confirmed by the Senate, obviously, but I don't think GC will have to be confirmed by anybody.

I met separately with two birds in DC yesterday.  I infer that one is against a show, the other is more neutral. 

I am told that GC also has left tracks in the phenomenological jungle, but probably not as large tracks as MM.  There are other such magi being repositioned, as we speak.  Is this a palace coup?  Is the Old Man taking Junior out behind the woodshed?  Does Junior have a clue? 

BH tells me that a source told him two years ago to expect something to happen this year.  I could have such a source! 

There is no question that MM and DB knew each other back in their Navy days.  There is no question that DB subsequently(?) went 'nuts' and now blames it on MM.  I am told that 'everyone' knows this; kinda like I was once told that 'everyone' knew I was SF. 

The issue is whether this and possibly similar questions will get popped in the Senate hearing.  Someone is consulting with some Senate staffers about this.  Someone was supposed to be in the Courtyard(?) yesterday.  He told me that he had to miss our first meeting because he could not get permission to skip a meeting at Foggy Bottom, but, over beers last night, someone else told me that he didn't go over to State, either.  Prognosis: more fog on the river.  How does one manage to not be in four different places at the same time? 

Run silent, run deep?  Easier said than done.  Unlike most of its counterparts, the ONI is small potatoes.  Precious few are those who make it beyond the grade of Captain therein.  They are easy to track.  And guess what?  Virtually no one has been able to avoid this playpen.  Even my old man's colleague on the academic steering committee in Cambridge, MA, Donald M, left his footprints in these not so quick sands.  Davy Jones' locker is hard to keep locked.  And don't forget that curious collection of Challenger alums in the same environs.  Maybe it weren't manganese nodules, after all.  USOs are not always a laughing matter, not when playing blind man's bluff with megatonnes.  It may not only be the swabbees getting bf'd down there.  If TF debriefs the astronauts, who debriefs the argonauts? 

And what about those poor Senators that I had so much fun bugging a few years ago, before I turned to blogging?  Fish out of water start to stink pretty quickly.  How long can we ignore the stench?  Are we not being provoked toward a collective 'pee-yew'?  I told my first interlocutor yesterday that I was quite content with just the KC/Hollywood gambit.  That would be sufficient unto the day, IMO; but, hey, maybe I'm not running this show. 

Can of worms?  Fish bait?  How 'bout that 9/11 conspiracy?  That's a real big worm! 

The right few words in the ear of Art Bell, and forget Hollywood, right? 

Is/was re-positioning the Fish Tank on the Potomac really necessary?  That will force the hand of the 'skeptics'.  But once the word is out, there will be a political free-fall/free-for-all, anyhow.  It will be musical chairs all over again.  Who knows when the music will stop?  With the Hollywood gambit, we can explore our options virtually, in a more concerted manner than here-to-for.

But maybe we can just crank up the fog machine on the Potomac, and then take the show to the west coast.  Will the UFO 'weenies' let us get away with the leger de main?  So we could side-step the hearings problem, and let the gossip filter/percolate through the ranks of ufology for a few months, and see where we are then. 

The handwriting is on the wall.  Let the hand-wringing begin. 

There is supposed to be a barbeque this weekend, and possibly a meeting with Stingrey next week. 

And so it goes....................



Go Ravens! 

This interview goes back to ~< 2001, it seems.  I doubt that I could do as well today, but imagine what we might have done with 9/11!

It may well be that my willingness to blab about 9/11 is being used as way to prevent any Senators from raising a stink about MM & DB.  That is why we had those meetings on Thursday.  I am the Aviary's poison pill defense against unauthorized/premature disclosure. 

It does appear that DB may have been a serious candidate.  Is he still?  What happened?  Who knew what, and when did they know it about us 'Manchurian' candidates?  Any wannabes would do well to review the plot details of this vintage film.  There are scant details given in that link, but they remain clear in my usually depleted head. 

And speaking of mind games, I just received this link.  I was once asked to deal with a similar such case.  It was someone who seemed to be channeling the departed Bill Casey.  He was a psychiatrist employed by Harvard. 



Things have slowed down.  I continue to suspect that no questions will be asked of MM concerning DB during confirmation.  I have a call into DB, but there has been no response. 

The repositioning of these probable magi does seem to argue for a disclosure plan that is in its late stages.  The President would necessarily be aware, and at least partially compliant.  So would most of the world's intel organizations.  It would follow that a global deal has been brokered, including most of the major players, i.e. nations and religious organizations.  There are those interests which want this expedited, and those which want to delay.  The visitors have set certain time limits, which can trigger prods of various kinds. 

One or more spokespersons would have already been selected by the various parties.  Preemptive moves are probably anticipated.  Countermoves must be available.  It is likely that one of the spokespersons will need to be focal.  At this late hour, there cannot be too many remaining possibilities. 

If the repositioning is successful, then we should expect the final phase of disclosure to get underway within a few months.  There are two gambits left: Hollywood and political.  No longer can they be separately pursued.  The linkage will now be unavoidable.  Questions from the media can be parried only for a few more months.  At that point there will be a rush to publish or perish.  One or more basic scenarios will emerge.  Energy will feed into them.  We can hope that the best scenario wins.  A BPWH will get fleshed out, with or without my continuing input.  And that's about all She wrote. 



A very recent communication from my principal interlocutor:

I suggest you terminate any additional entries into until you regain control of your life.  X is willing to offer kind counsel.  Gordon is willing to kick some butt if needed.  But it is up to you to make the necessary changes.

Yes, I did badly misbehave at a bar near the respondent's office, in the absence of said respondent, and in a manner vaguely reminiscent of my long-ago musings about the landing of a small plane on the White House lawn.  Although there are extenuating circumstances regarding my compliance with this specific suggestion, let the reprimand speak for itself.  I'll be quite content as long as Gordon refrains from kicking my butt.  'Counsel'?  The way I heard it, it was more like a brain scan to test for stroke induced abnormalities. 

There follows a response to a recent inquiry:

Mr. Smith:
First, thank you for your inquiry.
When just an upstart youth of age 22, in 1986, I was privileged to embark upon what would become 20 years of service to Majestic.  During that time, my response to operators (including some of the seated Maji), foisting their personal tack on procedures and protocol, was to often call them to account for breaking faith with the tenets and mandates of Majestic.  Those mandates were established at approximately the same time the major provisions of National Security Act of 1947 were taking effect.  While faithfully performing my duties, against the backdrop of the multi-layered goals of other sanctioned agencies and groups, and into my retirement, I hope history will record that my loyalty to Majestic has never been called into question.  Such is the case as I write to you, this night, and such will hopefully be the judgment of history long after my humble time on this earth has passed.
During my tenure of service, I was privileged, albeit for a very short time, to have been seated with the 12, as one of them.  Following my acceptance of that responsibility, I was made privy to specialized, highly classified, information and intelligence, concerning not only the defense assets and posture of the United States, but also of the earth, as it pertains to the future of humankind.  Such highly classified information, added to the extant defense, scientific, and political/diplomatic material to which I was exposed, ever since the late 1980's.  That earlier information included direct personal interaction with an extraterrestrial time traveler of human lineage.  In the first few years of this new human millennium, I was also tapped to be involved with the treaty system, established by the Truman administration.
In October, 2005, I was provided with what I consider to have been an unambiguous set of orders, my final orders before being fully admitted to emeritus grade retirement.  In September, 2006, I was judged by the empowered representatives of Majestic, to have completed the aforementioned orders, and was thereafter retired from service.  As a now retired senior operator and scientist, it falls to me to continue by providing due honor to the Majestic, and demonstrate due diligence prior to responding to any inquiry involving contemporary actions of the United States government, especially where matters of intelligence and defense are resident.
Concerning the nomination by the President of the United States, of the Honorable J.M. McConnell to the position of Director of National Intelligence, it is incumbent upon me to exercise that due diligence, deferring either until the arrival of an authentic set of instructions, or being placed under a lawful subpoena.  Short of that, the tenets of the adjourned Majestic are clear that I should either defer or recuse.  To date, no such authentic instructions have been properly received, nor have I been placed under subpoena.
I am free to make a personal statement, about the nominee, and have done so, publicly.  The statement follows:
"I can think of no better, nor more qualified a person, to hold the title of Director of National Intelligence, than J.M. McConnell. I laud the decision of the President of the United States, to nominate this gentleman, as the gentleman's record bears true witness to a life of service, honorably dedicated to the people of the United States of America, and the defense of our Homeland. During a time of necessary and right reliance upon Providence, the safety of the United States of America, and of the world, will be well stewarded by the assistive presence of this gentleman, in the ODNI.

Danny B Catselas Burisch, Sc.D.
January 6, 2007"
Save that statement, it would be improper of me to interpose within the machines of government, now set in motion by the President of the United States.  On a personal note, I consider that I should be the last to assume a position whereby I would act in a questioning manner toward that particular nominee.
Once more, thank you for the inquiry.
We live in a seminal time, a time of human destiny, and I live in the hope that my humble service has at least, in some small way, been a benefit in that regard.
Danny B Catselas Burisch. Sc.D.
H-6196-E Maj-ret.

Fair enough. 

My interlocutor, in his dreams, would find such a dutiful acolyte in me.  I can hardly wait to question and testify. 

<<During that time, my response to operators (including some of the seated Maji), foisting their personal tack on procedures and protocol, was to often call them to account for breaking faith with the tenets and mandates of Majestic.  Those mandates were established at approximately the same time the major provisions of National Security Act of 1947 were taking effect.>>

Boys will be boys.  Rules are meant to be broken, even the rule of gravity.  I acknowledge only one Rule, and that one is impossible to break. 



The Burisch material is a significant piece of work.  There is also a group saga that goes along with it.  It represents at least as much of a concerted effort as the Doty material to which it is related.  Now the fact that CF is inserting himself into that picture does nothing to diminish its possible import, quite apart from questions of its authenticity. 

I have the same problem with the Serpo story as do DB&Co.  The Serpo story deliberately misconstrues the interdimensional aspect of other worlds.  At the same time, DB&Co overemphasize the back-to-the-future quality of the portals.  Yes, there is some of that aspect, but it is not the crux of the matter.  The crux is in the teleology, pure and simple.  The apparent manipulations of the timeline are only minor sub-plots of that overarching theme.  There are not actual alternative futures; they are only potentialities or shadows that appear mainly in our dreams.  Only this world has a truly extended timeline.  The other worlds are much more into the cyclical dreamtimes, where past and future are indefinite.  Thus they are neither from our past nor our future in any strict sense, they are simply off the time-line, just as particles with imaginary mass are 'off the mass shell' as described in particle physics.  The symmetry breaking of their cycles is due just to their 'symbiotic' interactions with us. 

It has been both our privilege and our curse to be the slayers of the Dragon, i.e. the symmetry breakers of the ouroboric cycles, to the extent of our ~12,000 years of phenomenal history.  The X event constituted the historical reenactment thereof.  The apparent cosmic time scales are just a shadow of this phenomenal one.  They are the necessary logical backdrop for our historical, intellectual drama, which drama includes science as a central feature.  Mythically, Freya conspired with Thor to slay Saturn, the keeper of the cycle.  See Hamlet's Mill about the relation of the (3x700yr) conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter to the zodiacal churn.  Thus do we break out of the prison of the planetary demiurges.  We jump from the Freya-Pan into the eschatological fire.  We force them to join in our hierogamic feast in the sky.  The planetary logoi are not pleased with this turn of events, and often conspire to keep us in the dark by whatever Tricksterish means.  In the end, of course, the Telos rules, the tail/tale of Serpo.  The Sionic bloodline is broken, of which DB purports to be the last.  There but by the grace of Sophia and CF went I. 

Every phenomenal cycle is a time-loop.  The deja-vu phenomenon is a quasi-restoration of some such cycle.  That is the natural state of affairs.  It is our linearization of time that is unnatural.  The naturalness is restored only in the apokatastasis.  Our clairvoyant prescience will increasingly portend the imminence of our apokatastasis.  Last night we saw the Donnie Darko treatment of time-loops, assigned for Josh's psychology class.  Ironically it had to be pulled from the US in 2002 because of its apparent foreshadowing of 9/11. 

In these connections it should be noted that JR is returning to Chair the SSCI for the confirmation of MM.  His Uncle Larry was well known hereabouts.  Larry's former colleague, PH, part of his HSW [corr: below] trio, recently interviewed DB.  

I did finally get through to JSt.  I'll be interested to know what BLaP has to say about these developments.  He interrogated me a few weeks ago at someone's behest. 



A basic question is how may atoms be derived from phenomenal cycles.  The short answer is that metabolic cycles entail chemistry.  This provides a necessary condition, but not a sufficient one.  Sufficiency would seemingly entail mathematics.  Phenomena entail the physics; while the physics constrains the phenomena.  This two-way street needs elaboration.  How and why is mathematical regularity able to embed itself in the phenomena?  Will the BPW shed any new light on the ancient question? 


I did get though to BLaP.  He has notes on MM from about 12 yrs ago, long before DB became an issue.  It appears that BLaP can be credited with at least an independent discovery of the UFO gang over at ONI.  He corrected me on PH.  She was not part of Larry's trio, Bootsie G., Sandy Houghton, and Ms. Wood, the director of the BSW foundation. 

Speaking of ONI, Bobby-Ray had a recorded conversation with Bob Oechsler, which he later disputed.  He is also credited by JSt with having nudged Joe Firmage into his brief sojourn into ufology. 

It was my interlocutor's recent conversation with BLaP that prompted him to call me about a month ago.  That conversation was reported to be mainly about GN.  Bill claims to know the source of much of G's material.  Bill shows no proclivity to rejoin the ufo arena.  Smart guy. 

I see that Clapper is of NPIC/NIMA/NRO/NGA vintage.  Not too surprising. 


The idea here is that math does not exist independent of the phenomena.  It is not, however, merely abstracted therefrom.  It does have an internal coherence/organicity of its own, which poses constraints on phenomena.  The Pythagoreans speak of the harmony of the spheres.  There are the syzygys of math and astronomy.  Math is not without a musical aesthetic transcending mere logic.  The archetypes of AZO/X/QRP reflect this, as in the unity of e^i*pi and in the organicity of z' = z^2 + C. 

Coherence implies a kind of self-annealing breaking of the monistic/ouroboric symmetry.  Something tells us that the fragmentation of God is limited by 10^10.  The complexity of the monster group is limited by the factor of 71.  The logos and the logic must support each other.  Math may come out of the game-theoretic, self-imposed rules of the Creator.  You have heard the stories of golfing in the kingdom.  Physics is the chess game of God.  Creation is the best possible Game.  The rules can be bent only so far.  Agape is the unbroken rule.  The logos is the metanarrative; the logic is the grammar. 



Asking about the origin of atoms is tantamount to asking about the origin of grammar.  The interoperability of the metanarrative necessitates grammar and alphabets, which are eventually reduced to binary digits.  The physics is the universal operating system.  These are necessary conventions.  They are the best possible ones.  There is form and substance in nature.  Form is the source of substance, viz. Pythagoras vs. Democritus.  As with the metanarrative emerging from the Joycean 'ten thunders', so did math and numbers emerge from a primeval model of the monster group, which could have been something like the Mandelbrot.  So did atoms, etc., emerge from AZO/X/QRP, i.e. the Adam Kadmon or X/christos.  This was all part of the symmetry breaking, which proceeds to its optimal extent, until there is a sudden reversal in the second coming, prefigured in the first. 

From whence came the musical scales, particularly the even tempered and the rational approximations thereto?  There is a book about the mythical connotations thereof: Ernest McClain's Myth of Invariance (1976), recommended by Bob Clark.  Plato's Republic, he claims, can be read as a guide to tuning theory.  The octival circle includes the ouroboros and e^i*pi.  Music theory provides a useful analogy for archetypal symmetry breaking and the dialectic of the analog and digital. 

Asking how there can be atoms is like asking how there can be people and bacteria, which for the BPW is asking how the zodiac can exist with all its astrological meanings.  It is a squaring of the circle, which is the result and analog of the cosmic dialectic.  The dialectic fills the void to its logical capacity.  Atoms need exist no more in actuality than do notes.  Notes may be abstracted and are used in the 'metabolism' of music.  Consider the necessary universality of the genetic code.  Atoms may not be nearly as robust on Serpo as they are here.  Metabolism is rather more ephemeral. 

You will notice the robust reliance on analogy throughout the BPWH.  Analogy is integral to maintaining the coherence herein.  I would argue that analogy plays an ontologically efficacious role here.  It is part of the cosmic glue.  In the BPW, emergence is never the issue; reduction is the issue.  Reduction, rather than 'emergence', should be ontologically suspect.  Yes, even we are the suspect/supervenient agents/avatars of God's metabolic dialectic. 



The underlying issue with metabolism is biological reproduction.  How does it fit into the BPW?  What are its metaphysical origins?  It may be related to the symmetry breaking seen with the creation of the zodiacal pantheon or in MPD.  The BPW does not advocate an absolute monistic source.  It does advocate potentiality as the source of actuality.  There was likely a potential, subjective pluralism, which became actually coherent in a zodiacal form.  Symmetry breaking is partly a rationalization of the logically resulting coherence.  Bacterial fission is the simplest form of symmetry breaking.  Zodiacal/pantheonic fission is pre-spatial.  It is a compartmentalization of psychic potentialities, facilitating cosmic intra-course.  Each compartment must, however, holographically incorporate the others so that the semantics is interoperable. 

Biological reproduction recapitulates features of the pantheonic 'symmetry breaking'.  The sexual/romanticcomponent thereof is a reductio of the vital cosmogonic/agapic potency that is the necessary core of the ontos and the telos.  This is all incorporated in the cosmic bootstrap that is ouroboros.  Potentiality is the only thing that does not require explanation.  It would be the lack thereof that would have to be explained, but who would then explain?  Potency is a logical aspect of potentiality.  Actuality is only a logical abstraction from potentiality. 

Where would the metanarrative be without reproduction?  Then phylogeny can recap ontogeny, pace the Darwinists.  Then we have a nearly unlimited supply of us amnesiacs to work out the cosmic drama: each family being its own incipient pantheon.  The problem with the pantheists is that they have only a bacteriological/carcinogenic understanding of life.  There can then be no conception of the Platonic Good and no BPW.  There could not even be a subject in such a world.  Pantheism is, as has been seen historically and metaphysically, a species of nihilism where it is not open, at least, to polytheism. 



My correspondent points to Wiki's pantheism and suggests the need for clarification.  My annoyance with conventional (naturalistic, deep ecological) pantheism stems in no small measure from the sure knowledge that I can and will be tarred with that same brush, perhaps more deservedly than many actual pantheists. 

Yes, I am an incorrigible (dialectical?) monist, the hallmark of the pantheist.  I have often characterized myself as a transcendental pantheist.  One cannot have a close encounter with Physics without being enchanted by Pythagoreanism.  Classical and biblical pantheism are just my cup of tea.  I will need to pursue the idea of 'personification linguistics'.  None of this, however, can detract from the theistic essence of my encounter with Sophia/John (16), the defining moment (logos spermatikos) of my spiritual life. 

The great (and most felicitous!) sin of theism has been its misapprehension of the cosmic dialectic as a species of absolute dualism.  Only thus did materialism become scientia.  Only thus can you and I sneak under the cultural walls in this Trojan horse we call the Internet. 

This brings me back, however, to my brief against atoms and other examples of our cultural effluvia.  One contention is that atomism is a species of animism, i.e. the ascription of souls (real substance) to atoms and such other conceptual effluvia.  This is simply another view of Pythagoras and Spinoza. 

Atoms are little more than mental crutches.  Once we have come to the Light, we throw down our crutches, as we will the Internet, etc., etc.  Water, H2O, can only be fully understood as the essence of life.  Science goes to great lengths to hide its inability to even begin to explain the many vital and sublime properties of water.  Reductionism began with water, and there it shall end. 

Yes, the monist will always be challenged to explain the seemingly inexhaustible natural pluralities, atoms being just one of the more egregious of those. 

The Dialectic is all about intercourse and logos spermatikos, which, in turn, is the foreplay in the game of Agape. 

I do like to point out that telephony is just the poor man's version of telepathy.  Cellephony is, of course, the wireless version of telephony.  Think of all that wasted copper!  Nothing like a good old-fashioned ice storm to polish up on our inalienable skills. 

We have spoken of the ontological marginality of musical notes.  What about alphabets?  What about books? 

Consider the venerable CD.  What is it about?  The better the CD, the better is our encounter with the Muse.  Composer, orchestra, technicians, all, channelers all.  Transparency, trance-parentage is their telos, all in the service of our apokatastatic/apocalyptic Agape. 

Grammar, physics and mathematics are universal, so is genetics.  Holography ensures that we cannot truly understand alpha and bet without participating in Agape.  Partial knowledge is the rickety bridge we must cross without looking into the abyss.  To get to heaven, we need only one CD and one book, pick any (Run, Spot, run!), because there is only one Muse, one Sophia.  Libraries give the very strong illusion of plurality.  The voting booth gives the strong illusion of democracy.  Hold fast to those illusions until Agape is securely in your grasp.  In the meantime, don't look down!

How real is the Mandelbrot?  It is not surfeit with with idiosyncratic detail?  Yet is it bootstrapped recursively, non-locally out of thin air.  Need a jungle, need the starry sky be any more ontologically robust?  We have rune stones and the Library of Congress.  Are they different in kind?  Need one be more difficult to explain than the other, from the standpoint of immaterialism?  Can we not have a veridical experience of the LC in a dream, out of body?  Does our folie a douze make things harder or easier to explain? 

We may easily surmise that both nature and the psyche abhor a vacuum.  The Mandelbrot is an excellent example of that principle. Inflationary cosmology is another.  The potentialities of QM are another, etc, etc.  Since nature does abhor a vacuum, there can only be one cosmos of potentialities.  There is a necessary identity of indiscernibles.  Given only a dialectical bootstrap, how can there be anything other than a fractally oriented, organic BPW?  Can Occam's razor ever shave any closer than this.  Need it?

The Buddhists are our conscientious objectors.  They wish to abjure even the best possible Lila.  But, hey, did Siddhartha ever claim to be a cosmologist?  His only point was that curiosity killed the cat.  My only point is that perspicacity brought her back, apokatastatically  speaking!

We next need to consider how our seeming disdain for the material record relates to the akashic record.  What are we to make of eidetic memory?  What might be the purpose of either?  The facile answer, that time is an illusion, endangers free will.  I readily admit that, in the age of egoism, free will is overblown, but I would not wish to banish it.  Free will is an essential part of the vital force. 



I would suggest that the akashic record is more akin to a Jungian-style collective memory than to an eidetic personal memory.  It might also be usefully compared to the program of a video game that then needs to be fleshed out with the avatars.  I have previously suggested that the game plan could be sufficiently flexible to allow for limited replay, without having to distinguish a sequence of such. 

It may also transpire that eidetic memory is not as photographic as is sometimes thought.  There may be rather more conceptual components to it than would ever be found in a mere photograph.  The photographic aspect of it is largely a conceptual reconstruction.  Besides, taking my cue from neurophysiology and metaphysics, I believe that vision itself is rather far from being photographic.  Immaterialism favors direct perception over representational theories of perception.  The only thing we finally ever perceive is God, as Light shining through the prism of our 10^10 faceted Subjectivity. 


I've watched Gordon's interview with Kerry Cassidy.  He does a creditable job.  He manages to look more like a teddy-bear than a gangster.  B-RI and TF are the only extant G-men to be named.  He does make a number of vague references to a CIA contact.  No Hollywood names are mentioned.  He may not be aware of several previous inter-coastal meetings.  I was not told the time frame or the subjects of those meetings.  I was given to infer that there is an entrťe, nonetheless.  It does garner my attention.  I now have to wonder about my being interviewed.  I don't have any very warm feelings about that just now.  It would need a more conversational format.  Who would that be with?  My only extended conversations have been with Jack, but they have usually been acrimonious.  I said I would compose an email to Gordon and CF about a possible meeting: 

I was captivated by Gordonís interview.  Gordon actually manages to come off as warm and fuzzy.  You and I could be so lucky.

I understand that our meeting with X has not proven to have been fruitful, not that we deserve any blame for that.  He was apparently just fishing.  This setback has had little impact on the rest of the project.

I am still supposed to be having a phone conversation with Y, as one preliminary to a trip west.  Gordon would also like to have a meeting back here with you and some of his folks.  I think, based on additional information from you, that the proper sequence would first be there and then back here, and that your additional presence there would not be necessary to bring us to the next stage.    

Gordon and I should work out the topics for the conversations leading up to the trip west.




The akashic record is probably misconceived.  In a regime of direct perception, the akashic record is just another bit of unneeded representationalism.  Mama don't 'low no re-presenting.  The only thing that is real is the Shining Present: being here now and all that good stuff.  What we are left to explain is the temporal filtering of our perception of the time-line.  It helps to keep in mind that time itself is the basic illusion in the regime of the Present.  Yes, there is some 'cosmic' time asymmetry, via Freya & Co., but most of the asymmetry is psycho-social.  Deja vu is not cool.  Shaman and witches are necessarily untouchable.  'Normal' society cannot function in a regime of time symmetry.  Our Millennial Kingdom will be decidedly 'abnormal', but time itself is the real distortion.   Once that asymmetry is in place, the binary filtering of our 'memory' biased toward the past is a relatively minor feature.  It is our collective sense of anticipation that reifies the temporal order.  Once that bias is broken, the temporal order collapses onto the apokatastatic Present. 

It was the advent of the All-Seeing Magi on these fair shores that initiated the collapse of time.  Everything since then has been the political jockeying around that virtual Presence.  Finding and reifying that still Point is the only trick left to perform.  It is the nucleus around which the MK must crystallize.  The first coming was the virtual nucleation.  We did not then have the tools for conceptualizing and communication.  In short, there is no time like the Present. 

On a more mundane note, if there cannot be re-presenting, can there be replaying?  Sub specie aeternitas: of course.  !No problemo!    All of us therein are time travelers: ravelers and unravelers.  Some folks even rave about it.  And where does this leave free-will?  It leaves it being pretty darn subtle, I would say.  We are all constrained to do our Best, even if that might involve serial killing and such, as sometimes seems to be the case. 


NEWS FLASH!  Insider makes public confession? 

I do not know exactly what in the future I may come to believe with more data, than the much more simple Core Story I am willing to attest is based on direct evidence I have now, but I am going to pay greater attention, pontificate less, and try to be a learner. Your interview did me a service.

This is an excerpt from an email from said insider to GN.  I was not the only one on the bcc. 

I have had several private meetings with this individual, who has not previously been even this explicit.  Yes, there is a public repositioning of the insiders.  No one wants to be caught with their neck out too far, but neither do they want to be left eating the dust, not after all their years of being good soldiers. 

Meanwhile, however, GN is refusing to prioritize his projects, even at the behest of CF.  He doesn't realize that CF has flown the coop for a week in the sun, leaving SF in charge.  GN had best not squander his big fifteen. 

Now with some additional information, we are getting on the same page, and hopefully can move forward in the interim.  I'm waiting for a call from AS.  As I have said previously, there will now have to be some inter-coastal linkage as we move forward. 



Just when things were starting to look up, the alleged alter egos of RD, i.e. PM & GL, resurface.  This precipitates a tirade from the allegedly absent CF. 

I can only speculate that RD may be ignoring his probation in attempting to derail the aquarium express, of which GN is the present beneficiary.  In the meantime RS has gone silent and TF seems to be shifting in this direction.  With the personal politics heating up again, the substantive issues get pushed aside. 

This may just be a lonely rearguard action on the part of RD.  He was never willing to play along with CF. 

In the meantime, GN is supposed to be meeting with DB at the Laughlin confab on 2/25.  Come to think of it, CF recently proposed meeting in LV.  In the meantime, GN feels quite comfortable in ignoring my latest suggestions.  More power to him! 

Back to the substance.  I am closer to RD's position than to GN's, on two very important points.  The reason for the secrecy is the content of the message, and the alien 'technology' is mind controlled.  Both of these points are crucial to the BPWH.  These positions carry over into the Serpo scenario.  Again, I agree with RD, JS & DB, contra GN, that Serpo, from the physical perspective, is mostly fiction.  This is the portals vs. spaceship issue. 

The hot political question entails the alignments with and amongst the big 'twenty', the magi(?) that CF is alleged to be tracking, several of whom were involved in the recent shakeup of the mil/intel leadership.  Where lies the balance of the power?  Is it on the aviary or aquarium side, and how will that get resolved? 

The aviary side is trying to be conscientious about what they perceive to be the truth.  What they don't understand is the double cover.  They also feel more bound to what they perceive to be the unified protocol.  They get upset with CF for being a 'loose canon with a big mouth'.  They see him as a renegade.  At the core of the aviary is a christian induced fear that the visitors are felicitating the advent of the antichrist.  The aquarium/SF gambit looks a lot like what they fear. 

This is where GN comes into the picture.  He is quite willing to be the stalking horse, although he seems impervious to actually comprehending what should be fairly obvious.  RD could not or would not play this role, and so he must be retired. 

But again, where do the '20' sit wrt these shenanigans?  Wouldn't we like to know? 

But now back to our sponsor, with yet another change of signals.  The priority wrt GN is now supposed to be a semi-private, NGO sci/tech conference with input from C&TF.  This would be in lieu of the business meetings that have been requested.  Our sponsor remains lukewarm about such other meetings.  G may not rush to accept this counteroffer. 

Another avian is coming to town and wanted to meet with C who will be away.  I am to connect him with our shaman friend who is still I Ecuador, I believe. 



The above noted change of signals relative to Hollywood does seem to be pushing me in the direction of an interview with Kerry and/or Jerry, with or without Jack.  Probably it should be done in two parts: Q&A about the aquarium, and a conversation about the BPWH.  The latter could be done in sequence with Jack's critique.  The only other possibility is that G & I would team up against C, but that seems rather dim at this point.



Here is a note:

This is mainly directed to Kerry and Jerry,

This is about an interview pertaining to disclosure. 

There is no disagreement amongst us that we are overdue for a disclosure, and that the USG will have to play a significant role therein. 

The basic remaining questions are who, what, where, when and why.

Who?  If the USG is to take the lead in the announcement, then it would have to be the POTUS.  There is not much that we could do about such a scenario.  But this option does not seem to be in the cards, in any case.  A variation on that theme would be for the Secretary General of the UN to do the deed.  This would be the most reasonable choice, given a secular announcement. 

Why not secular?  

Itís not what we know, itís who we know.  If there is a VALIS, and we all agree that this is very likely the case, then the first priority would be for us to become acquainted with that entity.  If we want to get ahead in the Cosmos, then clearly we will need to get along with VALIS. 

The dis-Closer will necessarily be a VALIS messenger of some sort.

What will be the message?  Clearly it will have a disturbing aspect.  At the very least, it will disturb our status quo. 

The messenger will have to play the role of Prophet, relative to VALIS.  The messenger/prophet will have a vision that will inspire humanity.   

There will have to have been an advance team for the messenger.  This team, I submit, was composed of the three Magi/Visitors of the core story.  Thus have the mundane powers been neutralized, relative to this advent.   

Will the messenger be an unknown person?  That would not make much sense.  Rather it should be an emerging person, already on a visible trajectory. 

When you combine just these few obvious prerequisites, the field becomes surprisingly narrow.  Frankly, I fail to discern any competition, present company included.   

Should there not be a competition? 

But then who would decide the winner?  Did the prophets used to compete?  I donít think so. 

Itís simply a done deal.  Itís a package deal, and guess whoís the package?  It was worked out in a smoke filled basement at Area 51, between the Pols and the Magi, and I suspect that Sophia may have had some input. 

Furthermore, if you look more carefully at the BPWH, the individual identity of the messenger is fundamentally irrelevant, and certainly subservient to the message itself.  The ideal messenger for this Second Coming is just Everyman.  The message is that every last one of us is a chip off the old VALIS.  We are in the process now of awakening from what has often been our nightmare of materialism.  This messianic second coming will be our global alarum.

Any questions??



Hey, I think I have just connected two more of the dots provided by we know who.  It's about the 20 insiders being tracked.  That number did sound familiar, and I have just recalled from where, being slow as usual on the uptake.  That was the same number of folks that wkw said that he knew who had been briefed, and that number was compared with the eight (different?) briefees known to TF.  At one point I was supposedly going to help debrief these briefees.  Am I right, or am I wrong about the 20?



Jack and Gordon both seem to be in the throes of exploding and/or melting down in the aftermath of Gordon's interview and leading up to Laughlin.  There aren't many Indians left standing, at this point.  If there are any others, they must be feeling desperate.

Against counsel, I did feel compelled to tell Gordon who in the East has had meetings with whom in the West.  From all appearances, it does seem that Gordon is all set to squander this information, i.e. he took off running, and forgot to look back. 

My point to DF is that we have entered a sellers market, after many years where the buyers seemed to be in control.  Apropos of which, she is supposed to be meeting with Bill Ryan today.  This after our little tempest yesterday concerning whether Ryan Dube should be included on an email list. 

There is a slight problem in this arena with control freaks.  If you are an atheist, and you try to stay in this game, then sooner or later you will become a control freak.  Not a good move.  Ask Steven Greer.  Ask a lot of folks.  If you don't have sufficient faith in the hidden hand, then woe be unto you.

Yes, there is an issue about attempting to conduct a reasoned interview in the circus atmosphere of a UFO conference, even in the best of times.  I may be quite content to have DF represent the aquarium interests therein.  Come to think of it, she would probably be the best one to interview at this juncture anyway, and she has already volunteered. 

I suggested that she raise the issue of MM with BR, who ought to have some additional input from DB on that topic.  That would be a good test of sincerity all around.  If we can't get together on that page, then what is the point? 

DF did raise the question about the repositioning.  Is it for a requiem?  To me it looks more like Festiva, but who am I to say?  Is it possible that MM could have been positioned w/o explaining to GB?  It comes back to what RD said about Stephen Hadley, last January.  It is possible that RC is in charge of this stuff, but that would make his boss look even sillier, especially at this very late date.  Any fair briefing on this topic would have to touch upon JFK.  That would not be a data point that could be sequestered w/o undermining the Pres.  And that does open a very big can of worms.  That 'can' could explain much about the peculiarities of presidential politics over the years.  Pass it on or not, there is undermining either way.  There's the rub.  The price is high.

Wkw told me that the newbies at the agency were often(??) asked to attempt to analyze that event.  The question then is whether his analysis came before or after he was introduced to TF. 



I did have a nice chat with Chris Iversen of the Open Minds forum yesterday.  He pointed out that they too were having a discussion (also here) about this blog.  Interest has picked up a bit since Gordon has taken to the airwaves.  And now folks are waiting for the next shoe to drop, maybe in Laughlin.  Gordon pointed out this link.  It goes back to 1993.  It is an important bit of political data.  I have not seen such a complete account of the Rockefeller/Gibbons meeting.  It does point up the conflict between CF and the rest of the Aviary.  Here he seemed clearly on the side of obfuscation. 

This segues into my present predicament vis a vis GN.  I have been slow getting focused on this impasse.  It was CF's legacy to me before he took off last week.  Be patient for a moment.

He first told me of his meetings with SS.  When I attempted to follow up on that, he was negative.  He keeps trying to duck out of meeting with G & Co.  His counteroffer was a sci/tech conference on RAM, and volunteered TF to arrange it, who then politely declined.  Where does that leave us?  C was generally down on any Hollywood initiative, saying that they already had all the UFO scripts they could possibly use.  What did they need with KC?  This change of tone caught me by surprise, and I did not protest.  I have become rather inured to such sidestepping. 

Nonetheless, I did call Alison S yesterday.  She did not seem to have any problem connecting the TT/DC dots, although she was (claimed to be) unaware of SS/KK being in this loop, and suggested another producer.  Is this the end of the Hollywood story, or is this just micro-management by C? 

Now flash forward to a putative interview with B&K.  To be perfectly candid, I would have to stick with my understanding that RAM/KC is a stalkinghorse for Y2C.  Am I ready to say this on the air?  Will G be grateful?!  I have already proffered this surmise directly too him, and he has chosen to look the other way.  What else could he do?  In the meantime I attempt to go along with C's insistence that I act as the go-between.  Is that really tenable?  And what good is a hobbled stalking horse?  It is possible that T may be meant to substitute for C in my little end of the fish bowl.  C may have bigger fish to fry.  They are hoping that G & I are the calico cat and gingham dog. 

A fine kettle of fish!  No?  I'm scheduled to discuss this with T in a couple of hours.  Wish us luck. 

Bottom line, where does this leave us wrt disclosure?  I hear rumors of imminent initiatives by RU and OM.  Are they intended to coincide with a confirmation hearing?  I would have preferred the Hollywood route, but, hey, I just work here. 



Chris says we will be having a conference call next Sunday the 11th.  This is on Skype.  I don't know the times, nor if there is any signup procedure.  It will be a first for me. 

I look forward to watching the confirmation hearing for Mike McConnell at 2:30 EST today. 

I spoke with X and Gordon yesterday.  My impression was that the former was acting a bit dumb about our conversation from a couple of weeks ago.  There could be several reasons for that.  Perhaps he was chastised for revealing the source of his info, and not properly covering for C.  Perhaps that was also why wkw went away on a down note, with the hearing coming up now.  We don't want any surprises, do we? 

Gordon was in the midst of a big dust-up with Jack.  Jack is the master of email invective.  It is good training.  I had to tell Gordon things were back on hold for the time being, and remind him that he and I have rather different perspectives on the nature of the cover-up, etc.  

I was interested to see that my old buddy BLaP was a primary source for the information on ufo dealings in the Clinton WH.  It would be a useful exercise to compare this info and Doty's info on the GHWB initiative, as given in EfD, with what may be going on now.  These are from three very different perspectives, with different and indeterminate degrees of reliability.  Nonetheless, we can do no less than attempt to connect the three dots.  

Bill's reliability is a big question.  He is strongly biased against politicians of all stripes, and certainly against the Clintons.  I have not had a chance to question him about the material in EfD.  He claims to be no longer interested in the field, and was dismissive about the new information.  I'm not totally assured that this is the whole story on Bill. 


There was catch-up call from Y (n.b. X, Y & Z are merely local variables, referring only to the immediate context.  I'm not trying to be difficult, just erring on the side of caution.)  I overstated the hold on Gordon's conference.  It is still in the works.  X was only to be a consultant, not an organizer.  I don't see myself as an organizer either.  Even my minimal philosophic input would likely sew considerable confusion, as with Alison. 

Then re. the possible interview.  Alone, I come across as merely stoic.  Is that better than crazy?  He suggests Kit as a helpful interlocutor.  Maybe.  That might put Kit in a dicey spot.  Perhaps he was being facetious.  What then about Laughlin?  If I go, can I gracefully refuse an interview?  He did say something about having a sidebar there (non-alcoholic?), but I didn't get to follow-up. 

I mentioned watching the McConnell hearing.  His response was to mention Clapper.  Do we sense a compromise?  They give Mike a free pass, and then ask Jim about something relatively innocuous, like remote viewing.  Danny B. can pick it up from there.  C-Span does not show a schedule for future hearings. 


Is Bill correct.  Did MJ-12 manage to stonewall the Clinton WH?  Not likely.  They may have been cautious about a leaky WH, and so they used Larry, et al, to muddy the waters, a fairly obvious C/I strategy.  I still take seriously the rumor, directed somewhat at me, about Clinton's tarmac delay in Albuquerque.  That was hushed up, but there was another one in LA, where they had to produce a Hollywood hair stylist.  I suspect that both Bills may have known more than was let on.  Shades of Ike's dental appt out of Palm Springs. 

Frankly, Dick looks a lot like he may have had too many 'hair-stylings'.  Or perhaps we should opine that only his hair-dresser knows for sure, his true colors.

After all, Ebe-3, aka J-Rod?, was ensconced on the Mall (before Danny kicked him upstairs?), as per the 'bird-codes'.  But there is a gender problem here.  I was under the impression that Ebe-3 was female, surely not J-Rod! 

So here we are with Shrub&Dick, now being joined by Bob, Mike, Jim & Co.  Are we ready to take up where we left off in '91, when SF hit the scene and the 'global balance shifted'?  Is this slated to be another fire-drill? 

Now going live to DC.  Yawn......  Barbara M: will MM speak truth to power?  Alright!  So far, so good.  We could do a lot worse. 

Fire drill?  Of course, but what next?  How many drills can there be?  Are they waiting for all good saints to drop dead?  I apologize.  We tried.  It could still be arranged. 

Maybe I'll call X back in a few min.  See if we can do better than yesterday. 

Just now, MM has a long background with Clapper.  This was on C-Span. 



There were several phone calls yesterday, after the hearing. 

X, Y and I seem to be back on track.  The private conference idea is moving forward.  Y suggested the Sloane foundation might lend its name, especially if we find the money.  RS is possibly willing to help out if we are all back on speaking terms again.  The name of Brannon came up.  Never heard of him.  I'm supposed to make a token contribution, much to the consternation of Sam H.  He is quite concerned that I'm following in the footsteps of his uncle who was scammed in a comparable(?) fashion not so long ago.  Phooey!

MD tells me that Alison is moving right along, despite my confusing input to her about contrasting agendas. 

Ryan Dube, apparently not wanting to be left out, now wants to schedule a phone interview for early next week.  Fine by (stoic chicken little) me.  But I would like to chat privately with the dude about our possibly conflicted religious views.

DB is slated to be at Laughlin only briefly.  No private convos there. 

But my heart is still in Foggy Bottom.  So is this a fire drill or a coup d'etat?  Y asked me many years ago, in about as serious a manner as he is capable of, if I wanted to be president.  That did catch me a bit off guard.  Well, thanks but no thanks.  Nonetheless, there are some potentially serious political problems.  I was surprised by the unanimous, bipartisan, unstinting support given to MM.  Do these folks have any inkling?  How can they not have more than an inkling? 

I hearken back to my several conversations with Chris Straub, formerly ranking staff member for that committee.  They sure knew something funny was going on way back then.  Have they all forgotten?  What do they know, when did they know it?  Are the politicians being pushed/pulled into this?  By whom? 

A private little boys club at ONI is in the process of taking over the entire intel apparatus.  Why aren't more people screaming? 

If this is the final prep for Y2C, then, sure, the PtB would want to have the ability to batten down the hatches.  That was their part of this bargain.  But would we expect Barbara Mikulski to endorse it?  The advance team must have put on an impressive dog and pony show.  I doubt that Y could have pulled this off just on his own recognizance. 

Disclosure of whatever will surely lead to some significant psychological readjusting, which is likely to get acted out in various, hard to predict ways.  Whatever agenda gets put forward, there will surely be counter agendas, and a great deal of suspicion/paranoia all around.  And it won't just be Dan, Gordon and Jack going at each others throats. 

How do we spell 'witch hunt'?



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