The Proof is in the Pudding


April Fool's??  Sorry, that question rises beyond my pay grade. 

Now this from Jack and David Gladstone:

What did Winston Churchill say?
Dan, what is it exactly that you want?
Put it in writing.
As you know I don't like audio phone calls.

On Mar 31, 2007, at 7:04 PM, d14947 wrote:

> Everything seems to be turning on Dan's desire to be Messiah. Now this
> makes absolutely no sense to me without any objective evidence. I
> certainly can't imagine myself proclaiming him Messiah, and who would
> listen to me anyway?! Even if Dan gave me $20,000 in cash, i wouldn't
> do it without proof. However, if he gave me some serious money then he
> could 'rent me'! :-} Until [CF] publicly anoints Dan, we have
> nothing but Dan's word on all this, Dan, that just won't fly in this
> world. I'm going over to Jack's to look at a desk he wants to get rid
> of. Dan you may be frustrated but so are we...Reagan said trusts is
> ok, with verification!
> That's what we all need. Otherwise we'll all go down with you and I'm
> not going to do that.
> d


Well, in a state not entirely sober, I told Jack I would pay him to arrange for me to discuss messianics with a Rabbi.  I don't think Jack knows a Rabbi, unless his Father was one.  So we settled on David.  I offered 1k.  Jack wanted to know what his cut would be.  I said, 300.  So let's see, I would owe David 700, if, by some odd chance, he were actually willing and able to discuss messianics with me.  It turned out that David refused to discuss the issue unless I could first offer him proof that I was the messiah.  I said, no way, Jose.  So now you tell me, how much do I owe to Jack and David?  I guess I could look in the Yellow Pages to see where I could 'rent' a Rabbi.

In the meantime, Rick Davis (aka Jake Reason on OMF, and Dolphin!) and I did discuss this issue.  It was long and rambling.  Rick is also an eschatologist. 

There were two issues.  Could the world be saved?  And, if so, by whom?  I made a plausibility argument on the positive side of the first question.  We both agreed that the China card would be critical.  I offered some evidence to the effect that the China card had already been played, not once, but twice.  Once in 1980 and again in 1998.  Students of these pages will know to what I am referring. 

There is also the Islamic card.  I have offered evidence that it was played on and before 9/11. 

That brought us back to messianics. 

Before talking to Rick, I had suggested that the argument needed to be turned around.  The real question may be, to put it bluntly, not so much whether Jesus accepts Dan, but whether Dan accepts Jesus.  It's also the problem of who is the Pope's confessor.  There have to be two people at the top, each vouching for the other.  This is just part of the Cosmic Dialectic. 

The larger point is that there is a package deal going down here.  It's gotta be all or nothing, folks.  The world cannot be half saved!  We're all in the same lifeboat, now! 

And, by the way, don't cry for me.  This vaudeville act here can hardly hold a candle to what I saw on Friday.  It was Bye Bye, Birdie at Towson High School.  My nephew, Josh, was in the band.  In front of a live audience of 700 of her friends and their parents, Kim/Karly is required to perform a virtual striptease.  Now that takes Nerve! 

And speaking of Soap Opera, it appears that the Aquarium protocol has now been agreed that I'm supposed to be the last fish allowed to gurgle in public.  Sure, you all can sneak around in the dark all you want, just don't get caught off the reservation or hand in the cookie jar when the sun comes up!  The Sheriff, CF/(GN?), will get you!

<<Until [CF] publicly anoints Dan, we have nothing but Dan's word on all this.  Dan, that just won't fly in this world. [...]  Dan you may be frustrated but so are we...Reagan said trust is ok, with verification!  That's what we all need. Otherwise we'll all go down with you and I'm not going to do that.>>

Actually, no.  All that CF has to say is, 'Well, on second thought, maybe Dan is not entirely nuts, after all.'  That's what it comes down to, David.  In the Aquarium, it's sink or swim! 

Rick wondered what about me being Elijah.  Is it the 'star prophecy' where Elijah precedes the Second Coming?  At first, I thought I was supposed to be Elijah.  But I think that was the Visitors/Three Magi, i.e. the Witnesses.  But, heck, I ain't no theologian.

But, I ask you, and you ask me, why can't we dispense with these silly formalities and just go out and save the darn world!  Well, you'll just have to ask Sophia and CF.  And they'll probably both say I'm nuts! 

So, yes, the proof is in the pudding.  And where is the pudding?  Look around, it's all pudding.  Apropos of which, look at history.  If the world is to be saved by VALIS, et al, who really did the heavy lifting down here?  It was surely JC and the boys.  They are the ones who had to set the stage.  Talk about your Protestant Ethic, the Incarnational/Alchemical and then the Scientific Transubstantiation of matter, etc, etc.  I ain't no historian of Ideas; we'll let them shout it out in this after-Math.  Me?  I'm just the ten-minute Vaudeville sketch artist. 


[4/4] [a]

Allow me another take on the politics of disclosure. 

There are insiders and outsiders.  The outsiders must explain why the insiders are so reticent.  Two (three?) possibilities come to mind:

  1. The insiders are good and weak, the ETs are mostly bad and powerful.  Nothing for us to gain by publicly admitting our impotence.  Jack Sarfatti is the only one espousing this view.  But Jack can't explain why the good insiders and the good ETs do not rush to his side.  They continue to hold him at arm's length. 
  2. According to most other ufologists, the bad insiders are in collusion with the bad ETs.  The bad ETs are allowed to rape and pillage the Earth in return for their helping to maintain the PtBs in power, not upsetting the social, economic and religious orders. 
  3. A third possibility is that there are no true insiders, due to the effectiveness of the Prime Directive.  We are all being left here to stew in our own juices, being held in probation by the Federation until we can get our own house in order, if ever.  There might be a rescue operation for the lucky few.  

None of these make a lick of sense, IMO.

All of these adhere to a transhumanist version of modern materialism.  Going beyond that paradigm immediately entangles one in metaphysics and religion.  The ones who penetrate the Buck Rogers/Star Wars smoke screen are smart enough to keep their mouths shut.  To do otherwise is to run a double gauntlet of scientific and religious orthodoxy.  I remain the only sustained exception to this rule.  It is possible for me only because I have BOTH independent means AND inside political support. 

There are then just two factions of insiders: the majority orthodox religionists and those (tiny minority?) who support the Aquarium initiative.  All the others either drift or are pushed to the outside margins.  Those marginalized ones may become, more or less, random sources for the outsiders.  They may also become lumped together with the programmed disinformers. 

Where does that leave us politically and tactically? 

What holds us heterodox aquanauts in check?  Can we not run the gauntlet of the conservative orthodox, conscientious objectors (COs)?  Where does CF fit into this picture?  I suspect he is simply the honest broker between the two sides, more or less holding me hostage in the process. 

We are holding on, both out of necessity and in the hopes of a peaceful settlement with the COs.  Both sides know there is a set time or signal for opening Pandora's/Poseidon's Box/Chest.  The COs see nothing to be gained by jumping that gun. 

In practical terms, this puts a severe constraint on the VLAA/SDP protocol.  The COs control the Outsiders and can too easily shout-down and head-off any attempt at an end-run. 

The starting gun must have a coercive aspect, to be effective.  The COs, by holding out to the bitter end, are gambling that the time gained will more than make up for whatever they might lose by being poor losers, in effect.  By their nature, the COs will dig in their heels, regardless of the final cost.

This means, then, that we should expect there to be a public and dramatic denouement to this stand-off on the inside.  It's never good to kick a sleeping dog.  Someone will get bitten, and it won't just be me. 


Debbie found Peter Tompkins' [a]  The Secret Life of Nature (1997), at the Goodwill yesterday.  I enjoyed his Pyramid book. 

You know he has guts when he attempts to reopen the case of the Cottingley Fairies.  But I do not wish to enter into that discussion. 

I am interested in the Cosmic dialectic of Shiva and Shakti, that Peter elucidates in Chapter 10.  I had previously only thought of them in the context of the Hindu trinity: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.  Well, Shakti didn't make that troika, but you get my drift.  In the Western version, God is the circumference whose center is everywhere, as in General Relativity.  In Peter's Hindu version:

The eternal point, Mahabindu, or one, by drawing apart from its static center -- in some miraculous but patently energetic way -- two poles, produces the number two, foci of the primary differentiation of Ultimate Reality into what the Hindus describe as consciousness and power, symbolized by the god Shiva and the goddess Shakti.  Shiva stands for the static principle -- potential, changeless, stable -- and Shakti as the dynamic, kinetic source of movement and change. 

I could not have said it better myself.  I had not realized that this gives the elliptic functions which produce all of mathematics. 




<< I am that I am. >>

Yes, that is the World Knot. 

This is the hallmark of Theism.  God cannot be half a person.  There is no such thing. 

Given theism, deism and pantheism follow, but not the other way around.  Yes, this is another form of Trinitarianism. 

There is a holographic, organic, irreducible principle at work here. 

Thus, it cannot be said that we are merely a collection of ad hoc systems.  There is a vital irreducible Self or soul/spirit at the core.   

<< And so, are we then to ignore or deny the Deity in other forms of creative creation?  I don’t buy it.  My golden retriever may not be at the same level of sentience and intelligence as I am, but he has been a crucial part of meaningful revelations in my life that may not have come about in any other way.  IOW, there is no element of life that is insignificant.>>

Of course not!  A vital, divine spark animates every aspect of Creation.  That is just the necessary Pantheistic component of Theism. 

Nonetheless, we have a special and unsurpassable proxy with God.  We are God’s co-Creators.  And finally, in the Rapture we become one with God, in no uncertain terms. 

This special proxy rules out the possibility of Golem, Frankenstein, strong AI, Sentient Computers, Transhumanism, etc. 

So let’s get back to the J-man and the Rapture.  JC was simply the “first fruit” of the Rapture/Transformation/Singularity (R/T/S) of which you speak.  That is the idea of Resurrection.  JC was the ultimate guarantee of our special divinity, the “I” in the “I am”, if you will. 

But JC was ‘premature’ in significant ways.  The time was not quite Ripe.  We were not ready for the Big R, and would not be for another two thousand years.  We have fallen asleep at that switch and now need to be awoken. 

What will be the Alarm? 

I maintain that it was the secret Visitation of the Three Magi.  That is the core of the core story.  It is just that story and the expectations surrounding it that bring us together here. 

The R&D show has replaced the Aviary as the semi-official outlet for that story.  Evidently, Bob Collins has a hard time dealing with that.

I am not asking CF to confirm any of this.  Not yet.  That day will come.  You and I need first to understand why things are the way they are.   

Yes, this is a mission into the Wilderness, and we are the Missionaries.  All that we lack is an agreeable Mission Statement. 

We are here to prepare the Way for the coming Singularity (R/T/S).  This R/T/S will be the chain reaction resulting from our global, real-time psychic realignment made possible now on our Unwired Planet.  This is the VLAA.  This is our Childhood's End.  The time is Ripe.  The price of delay and failure is made increasingly obvious.  The Portals of our Rapture are already in place and ready to be expanded as needed. 

What we are lacking is the Pied Piper/Moses to point the way to the Dream Land, the Promised Land. 

This Synthesis requires a Thesis, a Cosmological Metanarrative to explain and rationalize the ultimate mystery of the I AM, YHVH.    

If the BPWH is not the sufficient seed for that rationalization, then consider this a test-run. 

Ray, we don’t have time to wait for the Scientific Establishment to flesh out every detail in the R/T/S Theory.  It will have to be compiled on the run.  Consider this your Bully Pulpit to rally the scientific forces, starting with the Tiger Committee, if you will.




Alien Morality??



For years you have been displaying an obsession with your own bloodline while speaking of your own explicit and implicit messianic proclivities.


Only in a playful way - curious synchronicities detailed in my book Destiny Matrix cannot be denied. However, I am basically joking - I don't want the job. The whole idea of it is nuts.


The only way that a Jew could now become a global King would be to bomb Arabia and Islam into submission, for starters.  This explains why you keep flogging the Michael Savage/Neo-conservative line that has had many hallmarks of being a Jewish conspiracy.


Many Americans, Jack, would thank you for not dragging us into your ancient blood feuds.  That is exactly why many of our forbearers came over here in the first place, to get away from people who think like you.   


This is not a blood feud with me. That's nonsense. The Iranian extremists mean to nuke DC & NYC ASAP and they will because of Libs with Mental Disorders such as yourself who are in denial about the reality of the threat. They are as determined as Hitler.


And then this from Anna (pantheon):


Anna:  Can you explain all this to me?  Is this about recovering old, or original faith or??


Me:  For me it's the completion of History.


Anna: Whose history?  Jesus and original Christianity?  Christians believe the Rapture will take place when Jews become converted to Christianity. Is this what you are trying to do?? 


I agree with this view from the following perspective:


The human sojourn to Earth has been for our education: a school for souls, as it is sometimes called.   


Just as we may be approaching a Final Theory of Physics, we may be approaching a final theory of our 4-dimensional existence, the meaning of biological life and human temporal history.


That would be our universal truth.  We would have nothing more to learn HERE.  That would be the end of our 4-D history.  We would then matriculate to other dimensions.  That would be our Rapture. 


There would be a new Global understanding of the meaning of life and history.  This would constitute a mass ‘conversion’.








I was hoping to get a bit more by way of histrionics out of you.  You seem unusually calm this morning. 


As an item of current events, Ron tells me that Robert Shaheen sent him an article about a Bill Shaheen (rel.?) who works in Hillary’s campaign.  He was speculating about which of us might get Cabinet appointments if we played our cards right with cousin(?) Bob.


Before that, there was a long conversation with Art Greenfield (Antigray) on the matter of Cosmic morality. 


In all the years that he has been haranguing our lists with his warnings about the Repto-Sapiens eating us, no one before me has ever taken him aside to explain to him about Cosmic morality. 


As the first miracle of my would-be messianic career, allow me to teach morality to Art. 


Apropos of this, Ron also brought up the following issue this morning, as already reported to some on this list:::


<< He then went on to ask why I was taking my messianic proclivities to be vetted by those of Jewish persuasion.  And doing this while realizing they had failed in that vetting process the first time around.


I disagreed with him about that.  I say it was Jesus who failed to fulfill the messianic prophecy.  Now, that failure was due partly to the fact that Jesus did not have Ron on his team back then, and ended up being crucified.  This time around, we come better prepared. >>


But back to morality.


Art can see nothing wrong with the Repto-Sapiens eating us, and causing wars and plagues here on Earth to increase their food supply.


I presume that there are more than a few on this list who agree with Art in seeing morality as nothing more than an intra-species survival mechanism.  This is certainly the modern Scientific/genetic view of morality.  


First, allow me to address this issue in amoral, survival terms:


Most sane ufologists suppose that there must exist a cosmic Federation to reduce the risk of inter-species war and predation. 


Thus do they suppose that the UFO cover-up is inspired by a coalition between evil humans and evil/renegade aliens conspiring to violate the Prime Directive and our own human rights.


But not so Jack and Art.  They suppose that the cosmic Federation is no more effective than our own UN.  The law of the jungle pervades the cosmos just as it seems to pervade the Earth.


There are several glaring inconsistencies in the picture thus presented, nay, bombarded onto this list over the decade that I have been observing it. 


In what follows, I will be addressing those logical inconsistencies, some of which I have pointed to in the past, which should have silenced anyone who had a lick of sense.   



From the previous message:   


<< Most sane ufologists suppose that there must exist a cosmic Federation to reduce the risk of inter-species war and predation.  Thus do they suppose that the UFO cover-up is inspired by a coalition between evil humans and evil/renegade aliens conspiring to violate the Prime Directive and our own human rights.


But not so Jack and Art.  They suppose that the cosmic Federation is no more effective than our own UN.  The law of the jungle pervades the cosmos just as it seems to pervade the Earth. >>


I ask if Jack’s and Art’s position makes any sense.


Civilizations capable of FTL travel and of constructing WMD would not have been able to survive for millions of years while interacting with each other, without the most stringent controls toward any aggressive behavior. 


That much is indisputable.


So then Art comes to Jack’s defense with the following piece of ‘moral’ reasoning:


Morality has no absolutes, it is all relative:  


Morality, if it applies, applies only to the high end of what ever may be the evolutionary pecking order:


In other words, it is no worse for an advanced Alien to kill us, than for us to kill a cow. 


This is very much like the morality displayed in Hitch-Hiker’s Guide, and many other movies featuring alien invasion. 


Earth is just another ant-hill along side some Inter-Galactic highway.  This is great fodder for laughs and horror, but, for it be the constant moral diet for those of you who have been its passive targets here over the years, should be shameful in the fullest sense of that word.


Nonetheless, I will attempt to explain/excuse your passivity here, in what follows…….



Jack, Art et alia,  




Even if the Earth is not being viewed as an obstructing anthill or wayside diner by the Cosmic Highway Commission, most religionists believe that we fare hardly better than that in the eyes of God. 


Thus does Art Greenfield’s message carry some considerable cultural weight since it is only a slight adaptation of what most God-fearing people believe is actually true:::


We mean nothing more to the Cosmic Creator than would an anthill in the path of an Interstate highway.  If our existence becomes inconvenient to the Creator, He would think nothing of sending a flood to wipe out 99% of us as in Noah’s time, or to send European plagues to wipe out 90% of the Native Americans in the 1500’s, allowing His Christian re-settlers to deforest and pave their lands with nary a tear.


And so it goes……………..


Why shouldn’t we be next on the Cosmic Menu and/or Clearance List?   


Am I reading Art and Jack correctly here?  Our only hope is to catch our would-be dinner ‘guests’ asleep at the switch. 


This is the same moral as presented by the Transhumanists, except, in that case, the Cosmic Intelligence recruits us, via our own computer technology, to replace Ourselves with machines ultimately programmed by the Cosmic Computer. 


Are not all of these scenarios merely slight extensions of Social Darwinism??


And Guess What??  The BPWH presents basically the same message as all of the above!! 





So it looks like I may have been recruited by MJ-12 to deliver the Charles Adams message, and do it with a smile and a blessing:::


“Sorry folks, the party’s over; praise the Lord!” 


Most people are going to hear it exactly that way.  Can we blame them?  Not at all. 


But, perhaps by the 10th hearing, a few people will begin to get the underlying moral: life and mind must go on.  Perhaps not in the old familiar ways, but, hey, aren’t we becoming ever more accustomed to change? 


Jack and Art will be defending our sacred sovereignty against all encroachments.  They will be the Neo-neo-Cons.  “Resist the Cosmic Spirit at all costs.  Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.” 


Can we blame them?  Not at all. 


I’ll be the subversive trying to raise the white flag behind their barricades, preaching ‘surrender to the Lord’! 


In effect, my message here is, “Don’t fight City Hall.” 


My only problem will be to show that I’m on the side of the Angels and not the Demons. 


That will take a little time and a lot of discussion, and shouting.  And, yes, we will be granted ample opportunity to try the Spirits. 


And remember, folks, we will have all the time in the World! 


And, yes, the Force is with us, but let’s not get left behind. 





Hi Dan,
Your mental anguish and machinations are pretty much what the Brookings report said would happen when the religious segment of the population merely found out that there were advanced races in the galaxy. They would not be able to handle the truth. I'll bottom line the truth for you. It is very basic. "The purpose of life" is so that life may go on. Nothing more, nothing less. We are not here for some cosmic schooling to learn to be good to go heaven. Our life allows the life that comes after us to live their life. It's the circle of life. Disney kind of explained it all in the movie "The Lion King" in the song, "The Circle of Life."

“Circle of Life” lyrics
Music by Elton John, lyrics by Tim Rice
Performed by Elton John

From the day we arrive on the planet
And blinking, step into the sun
There's more to be seen than can ever be seen
More to do than can ever be done

Some say eat or be eaten
Some say live and let live
But all are agreed as they join the stampede
You should never take more than you give

So now you have to shake your fist in futility at me, God, and Disney.  


P.S.  It's so easy a Reptoid can understand it.  [cartoon of Dinosaurs discussing Descartes] 






Won’t you accept my belated capitulation to the logic of your argument??


Belatedly do I realize that you and I have been saying virtually the same thing, all along. 


Your Circle of Life is exactly the Ouroboros, or cosmic Serpent eating its own tail.  It is the coincidence of the Alpha and Omega.  It is the Christian practice of eating the Transubstantiated flesh of God. 




The issue between us is the matter of resistance. 


The Circle of Life is supposed to be unbroken.  Yes? 


But it seems that you and Jack are proposing to break the Chain of existence, by turning the tables against our predators. 


Instead of having the Lions continue to eat the Lambs, you suggest that the Lambs should turn around and eat the Lions.  That would be your first preference.  No? 


Only if Jack fails in his arms race against our predators would you, as Plan B, attempt to negotiate a Feeding Treaty with them. 


So why do you and Jack want to Break the Circle?  Would that not upset the Cosmic Order of things, and very likely Provoke a justified and severe retaliation?  Why should we tamper with the Natural Order of Things??






Yesterday Chris spoke with CF concerning my sanity and some other matters.  I am told that my sanity was attested to, for the most part.  And, along the way, so was that of Bob Collins.  If this conversation can be confirmed by another inside source, it would constitute a significant shift in the public stance of CF, and possibly, even, a change of policy.  It appears that the OM and RU forums will be addressing this issue in the next couple of days. 


[4/15] [a]

This from CF to Chris yesterday:


Your posts were not transcripts of our conversation but rather commentary thereof.  Your descriptions of the facts were generally accurate, but in a few areas your interpretations were off the mark, no doubt influenced by your discussions with Dan.  My corrections are inserted below.  I would appreciate if you would not emphasize my corrections concerning your interpretations of my comments regarding Bob Collins.  He served our country well during his Air Force career.  I don’t share Jack’s penchant for brutalizing people that have diminished mental faculties.  Bob worked hard to acquire his limited understanding of physics.  I would also appreciate if you would stop referring to me as CF or Cat Fish.  As I mentioned during our phone conversation, Dan made this up as a link to the only tangible reality of his stories.  Dan and I used to go cat fishing together.

p.s. Dan informed you that I did not wish to have any further discussions with you so you would post your story without checking the facts.  He is indeed very clever.  Jack is one of the few people I know who can stand up to a sober Dan.

This from Chris to CF.  Note that CF has has inserted his comments {thusly}:

Thank you for looking at the detail from my posts regarding our conversation.  As I stated from the very beginning, I would be more than happy to go over any differences you feel we may have regarding what was said during our conversation.  Also, I must say that I have the utmost respect for you, your position and our government.  I realize that you are often put into a difficult position and that most certainly was not my intention with any of this.  In fact, I had fully intended to discuss this with you prior to posting (as I have always done in the past with others) but I was informed by Dan that you did wish to have any further discussions.

Perhaps it would also be helpful if you could point out any agreements you might have with what is said below.

Here are my two posts:


I had a conversation yesterday with the person Dan Smith refers to as his "chief interlocutor", CF. The conversation started at Dan's behest to CF to speak with a third party regarding the status of Dan's mental health. I was very fortunate to have been selected to be this person and I used the opportunity to ask CF a few additional questions. What followed was a long conversation covering several different topics CF has not previously discussed publicly. Additionally, some of the points are contradictory in nature to previous public pronouncements made by CF. Now as to why he chose this time and place to make these statements are anyone's guess. This could signal a change in policy and content of the flow of information coming to us from the government, or it could be the continuation of a game that has been going on for a very long time and we are just being introduced to a new chapter. I'll let you be the judge.

As I stated above, the first question I had for CF was regarding his opinion of the state of Dan's mental health. He said that although he is not a mental health professional (CF has a doctorate in Physics) it is his opinion that Dan is not crazy. {I said Dan is not seriously mentally ill.  He still functions reasonable well in society.  That does not mean Dan is entirely well mentally or physically.  [SI] and I used to joke that so long as a person can go into to 7-11 and come out with a cup of coffee, the person is basically functioning.} He said that Dan is a brilliant man and that he has known him for over 10 years. When I asked him why then had he repeatedly stated in e-mails and verbal communications for the last several years that Dan is crazy CF replied that the worst that could be said about Dan is that he is an eccentric who is occasionally prone to use stories and the assorted outrageous statement to make a point and get people's attention and to get them discussing points of interest to him and everyone. He then reiterated that Dan is not crazy. I then asked him if he had made those statements to create a "fuse in the system" or as a way of having "plausible deniability" regarding the information Dan posts on his blog, which often times uses paraphrasing techniques to refer to statements made by CF and other high level government officials. He responded by referring to Dan as a philosopher, restating his points made above and did not use this as an opportunity to deny the content Dan has posted on his blog about CF.  {My point was that as a philosopher Dan makes up his Blog to fit his perceptions of reality.  Scientists accept reality and try to understand it.  All of Dan’s references to me providing him with information or guidance are false.}

The next question I had for CF was concerning a statement he made in the middle of a long e-mail exchange from last week whose primary participants were Dan, Jack Sarfatti and David Gladstone. The subject of the e-mails had to do with Dan's referring to himself as a messiah. Dan had reached out to David and Jack to get their interpretation of what is a "messiah" from the perspective of a rabbi and that term's place in the history of the Jewish faith. CF said in the e-mail, "...why are you asking a Jewish rabbi about your role as the messiah...?" He laughed and said it sounded like something he said. I asked him if Dan's referring to himself as the messiah might not be considered to be delusional and what did he think about the proclamation itself? CF said that Dan is telling a story when he makes references like this and basically reiterated the same information as above. So I said Dan could be considered a messenger and not necessarily "THE Messiah". CF said that yes, Dan is using the messiah imagery to put forth his message.

The third question I had for CF was something Dan had asked to see if I could get him to confirm. This had to do with two people code-named "Ocelot" and "Ferret". The story is that these people made several monthly trips out from Washington DC to Los Alamos several years ago to either meet directly with "The Visitors" or to meet with the people who were responsible for holding or communicating with them. The supposed purpose of these trips was to find out what "their" message was for us regarding the process of and the timing of Disclosure. CF stated that yes, these trips did take place but they occurred over 15 years ago and are not happening today. (Note: this coincides with the first aborted attempt at Disclosure in 1991-92). He said that what was of significance was that this was a change in code from aviary- to feline-based names, and that you could possibly read something into the fact that felines prey on the aviary in nature. He also said that these were not two specific individuals but that they were the code names given to whomever was traveling out there for each trip no matter who they were.   {I said the story was 15 years old, probably originating with Rick Doty, Bob Collins or other avians, and that within the context of the story it was interesting to see the introduction of one who pr[e]ys upon birds and another who pr[e]ys upon their eggs.}

Part 2

After we had covered the questions I had for CF the conversation switched to various subjects which I will now cover in no particular order.

The first had to do with determining just what is CF's position and role in the government today. I said that I knew he used to be an Assistant Director with the CIA but that I did not know where he was currently assigned and who he was reporting to in the government. CF stated that he now reports to Mike McConnell (the Director of National Intelligence - He said that his current role is focused on the foreign intelligence community. He invited me to pass on to him any information I might come across during our research and investigations which we think could be of interest to him in this role. He reiterated this invitation/request twice more during the

Next we spoke at length about several different people who are familiar to all of us. Most notably mentioned was Bob Collins. Now this may seem an odd person to discuss as CF has talked about Bob several times over the years, and almost never in anything but a negative light. However, this time was very different. He spoke of Bob, both his career and his accomplishments in absolutely glowing terms; saying that Bob rose from the enlisted ranks to become an officer, obtain a degree in Physics and retire as a Captain in the Air Force. CF said he was not aware of just what Bob was doing these days so I updated him as I have spoken to Bob and e-mailed him several times. I said that Bob has had a tough go of it ever since he self-published his book "Exempt From Disclosure". CF then praised the work Bob has done and the things he has accomplished in his life. Although he did not state so directly, the above could be construed as a not so silent endorsement of Bob's book. Again, the significance of the departure from past-stated opinions and comments by CF concerning Bob can not be understated here.  {My positive comments concerned Bob’s contributions up to within about 6 months of his retirement from the US Air Force when he apparently lost his mind.  He was a good man.}

From: [CF] Sent: Saturday, April 14, 2007 7:42 PM
To: 'Christopher Iversen'
Subject: RE: Chris squirms ;-) and Jack misses nuance ;-)

My bullets to Caryn and Jack were in response to what others have been saying regarding your posts.  Please send me your original post and I will point out any potential misstatements.  [CF] 

On Apr 14, 2007, at 1:30 PM, [CF] wrote to Jack:

I clarified with Chris several areas where he may have misinterpreted.  It was probably my fault for trying to be sensitive regarding discussion of [--excised by Jack--].  For the more general audience I offer the following bullets:

  • Dan’s Blog and messiah stories are false.
  • Dan’s references to me providing him information are false.
  • Bob’s book is nonsense.
  • Stories of meetings at Los Alamos that involved aliens or discussions of aliens are false, originating with Rick Doty or one of his avian cronies.


That is what we have up to now. 

Now for the instant analysis. 

It could be that one of the skeptical observers of this scene is correct: that this was an exercise to take down both the Aquarium and the OM forum with one harpoon.  That might have made some sense prior to CF's detailed response to Chris's report above.  Until I read those responses, all we had were the original report and the above four bullets from CF.  Until this posting, the detailed response had only been forwarded to me and one other person, and I had not read it until this morning. 

What CF is telling anyone who cares to pay attention is that the disclosure process can be excruciating for those us who are deeply involved.  Every forward step must be accompanied by a smoke screen of public denials.  This is not a playground for the feint of heart. If you can't stand the heat, please leave the kitchen. 

Here is the critical statement relative to the R&D show: 

{My point was that as a philosopher Dan makes up his Blog to fit his perceptions of reality.  Scientists accept reality and try to understand it.  All of Dan’s references to me providing him with information or guidance are false.}

Technically this is correct, for the most part, and he is reiterating what I have stated frequently in the blog.  When all is said and done, CF has been acting, over the last many years, much more in the capacity of handler than of interlocutor.  In particular, there is no part of the BPWH that can be directly attributed to CF, with the notable exception of 'Sun Fish', which designation was allegedly just being passed from elsewhere. 

What he is doing above is demonstrating that he has carefully read the report, and then rather casually has padded it with seemingly extraneous remarks.  What more could we ask by way of an official stamp of approval?  An approval that would fall just short of garnering tomorrow's headlines, or causing major embarrassment to the Bush Administration. 

So we have moved two steps forward and taken a quarter step back, the latter just to give us another week to take some deep breaths. 

Those who wish to see the above as vindication of skepticism and mental lethargy, are decidedly whistling past their own graveyard. 

BTW, this is the first public acknowledgment that the private citizen being handled by him for the past many years just happens to harbor a messiah complex.  The question here remains: am I a Bennewitz thinking I might be a Jesus, or am I a Jesus thinking I might be a Bennewitz.



If I'm right about immaterialism, then I'll bet I'm right about the eschaton.  If I'm right about the eschaton, then, quite evidently, I have been volunteered to announce it to the world, which I have already done to a significant extent.  If that is my job, then I may darn well perform that job under any guise or title that I so choose.  The fact that the guise in question was already chosen for me, just makes that 'choice' easier.  No? 

Any questions? 

Why Jesus?  Why appeal to any lesser auspice in regard to announcing the eschaton?  No one in history holds a candle to Him.  Certainly not me!  But!  If, indeed, there is sufficient cosmic backing for my somehow being the embodiment of the completion of His mission, then I would be an ingrate not to remain open to this connection.  In the end, this will not be decided by me. 

I am told that communications are continuing about the CF/CI convo that include CF and CoR25.  Clearly that story is being flogged at the highest levels.  How much further can we peons push it, without going to the NYT.  The four bullet 'retraction' was simply to avoid that final push, as now privately confirmed by CoR25 to OM and RU and to Jack.  The problem now is that the skeptics are realizing they don't have much to be skeptical about here.  Thus there is no forum flaming to be bandied about by Victor. 

Are we all to be left in stunned silence? 

What is apparently being speeded up is the continuing shift of disclosure emphasis from the aviary to the aquarium.  That shift has now been given a significant inside boost.  It will take a while for that shift to be widely disseminated.  Even in its heyday, the aviary only achieved a limited notoriety.  It will be hard to expand the aquarium influence much beyond that high-water mark, without some backing from a mainstream outlet.  That is the other shoe that is still being held in abeyance. 

I notice that RU is back on the air with Max giving a balanced analysis of the CF/CI convo relative to me, at least. 

Max points out that the bullets and the detailed comments are not very different.  But that is missing the obvious fact that the message is in the medium.  In the second case, CF's intended medium is clearly Chris's report, to which he is now merely appending a very few comments.  Nowhere does he dispute the veracity of the original report.  He is simply adding what appears to be an ad hoc and obviously biased interpretation of the original conversation.  We the readers are left to decide if CF's added bias serves any other function than to keep this change of position from being picked up on the radar of the standard media.  Correction.  It has been picked up, we may be sure, but it will remain sourceless to them for the time being.  Everyone has been given a very deliberate and unprecedented heads-up. 

In a conversation on Friday, CoR25 volunteered that he estimated just a 1% chance that  CF's public repositioning herein constituted a runup to disclosure.  I replied that based on my greater involvement over the years with CF on this topic that I felt it would be fair to characterize his estimate as unduly conservative.  He replied that, indeed, I was in a better position to judge that.  The larger point was that this was the first time that he had even hinted at this possibility in connection with the R&D show.  He has made this same estimate to another one of us: a very cautious, but 'calculated' repositioning on his part, in keeping with this whole calculated exercise.   

Any close observer must now conclude that the R&D show has its neck stuck out much further than has any disclosure initiative to date.  The only remaining question is 'why'.  Why R&D?  Well, if the eschatological card is in the deck here at all, then there are two obvious corollaries:

  1. The eschatological card must be the first one to be played.
  2. The necessary extreme caution about playing that card is the only logical rationale for the extremity of the cover-up. 

Tell me there is another explanation for the two things we now know about the cover-up:

  1. It has been extremely effective.
  2. R&D is the official opening salvo. 

I notice that Ray Hudson is currently the most vociferous skeptic on RU.  Should not he and I have a one-on-one?  Ray is a junior systems analyst of some academic kind.  He believes he has an inside track on the cosmic system, and, for the most part, I would agree. 

Recent conversations with Steven Broadbent and 'Max' of the RU forum reinforce my growing suspicion that they have no constructive criticism to offer to any process of disclosure.  All they wish to do is to nit pick and take pot shots every step of the way.  They have no desire to look beneath the surface of the verbal exchanges, as if they were Philadelphia Lawyers, defending a guilty client by using every legal technicality.  They wish only to pursue the letter of every discourse without attending to the intent or the spirit of that discourse.  They wish only to look for loopholes and escape clauses, they do not wish to enter into serious discussion of the problems at hand.  It may simply be that these folks have a surfeit of left brain thinking.  That they are organically unbalanced to that hemisphere of thought.  Too bad. 

They are welcome to pursue their extremely narrow line of attack, but I would recommend that there be no further personal communication with the folks connected with that particular mind set.  It continues to fall only on people who wish to be obstructionists.   They are welcome to continue their narrowly legalistic pursuit on their own recognizance. 

Thank you.



I guess I should be pleasantly surprised that anyone is being sympathetic with my situation.  CI at OM is being warned by other people on the forum to not become entangled with either me or CF.  This is certainly to be expected. 

I have been informed that the other insider has sent an email to RU, bcc'd to OM which is very supportive of CI's version of the conversation with CF, pointing out the continuing need for deniability.  There has been no mention of this communication at RU.  OM does not have permission yet to publish it. 

I did bring up this email in my conversation with SB last night.  He was very dismissive of it.  That, as much as anything, convinces me that they wish to be very selective in the evidence they present.  There is no sense in throwing pearls before 'ungulates'.  I wonder what the others will think when they discover that crucial evidence is being withheld. 

Yes, of course, the Aquarium is making extraordinary claims.  We do not expect the NYT or anyone else to swallow any of these claims, not by a long shot.  I am certainly not looking for 'followers'.  That would be the last thing that anyone would need.  What is desperately needed now and for well into the future will be for a cross-section of independent observers to do their due diligence, firstly, in understanding exactly what is being claimed, and, secondly, in assessing the very wide range of evidence that might support or contravene such claims.  So far, the surface has barely been scratched, but that does not prevent loud-mouths of all stripes from pronouncing their firm convictions from on high.  It is not a pretty sight. 

Probably the worst offender herein is that fellow avian, RMC.  Yes, he has been treated dismissively by RP/CF in the past, and turnabout is fair play.  BUT, he does not stop for a minute to consider the sensitivity and stringency of the protocols that must be in play here.  And, like so many ufologists who adhere to the Buck Rogers, Nuts&Bolts side of these stories, he is proficient in only the most literalist and linear lines of thought.  That Disclosure might be taking a Postmodern turn is to them like being asked to jump off a cliff.  Yes, RMC is a thoroughly modern Millie, and let us not ever expect him to change those stripes.  He and Buck Rogers will walk hand-in-hand into their own sunset.  What no one can fathom is that RP may simply be playing the most serious game every played in recorded history.  To be within a parsec of that ground-zero is far too mind boggling for normal folks.  Their overwhelming reaction is to pull the covers back up over their heads, hoping that it is all a bad dream.  Sleep tight, my children! 

I quail for the Gray Lady.  Will she turn blue in the face and go belly-up?  So much of what is here goes ever so much against the grain of probity for which She is one of the very last Witnesses.  Who will hold her hand when the day of her day of reckoning comes?  It may already have come for some of the senior management.  If they can still go into a 7-11 and come out with a cup of coffee, there may be hope for the rest of us. 

Meanwhile, our intrepid RP is on the road to recovery from a double ear infection.  A wide ranging discussion gave full assurance that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  There was some back and forth on the Ocelot business.  It is not to deny that something like that occurred, but it might only be a coincidence that the aviary story bears some resemblance.  Coincidence, indeed.  Otherwise it was chit-chat.  I'm supposed to get back with Gordon to see what his problem is.  Is his new benefactor going to help him move to LA?  And so it goes.  RP did say that he did not realize that CI was going to be so public about his convo with him.  I averred that I might not have made this intent totally clear, but, still, what would have been the point otherwise?  Perhaps this was to excuse his public backtracking after the fact.  Whatever you say, Master.  No use crying over spilt milk. 

This from Max today at RU:

Thank You, Dan. Personally, I'm saddened it has come to this. I still stand by my statement that yours is a brilliant piece of philosophical/metaphysical work.

Perhaps you'd like to post my response to your silliness. It can only give you more fodder for further attacks.

In case you missed it:
I feel it is necessary for me to acknowledge the fact that as Zep has pointed out, I too was subjected to a not too pleasant conversation with Mr. Dan. Although I am of a mind that you can usually say whatever you want to me when you disagree, one of the things I don't take kindly to is threats, however silly they may be.

During our conversation a quite angry and upset Dan (was it something I said?) informed me of several things that were going to happen to me if I did not become more cooperative.

In my naiveté, I had always thought that members of boards such as this one were free to post their opinions and the way they view a variety of things. Apparently I was wrong. I have been informed that it would well serve my interest to move over to that other board that shall remain nameless and to become more constructive and less obstructive such as the leaders there. Apparently the least amount of dissent presented is the favored way for those leading this parade.

Well, I will be damned.

I would like to inform Mr. Dan and anyone else that presumes to tell me how to act and what to believe of a couple of things.

I am the son of immigrants. My Grandfather and Grandmother owned and operated a successful ranch and dairy business in another country. That is, until Communism moved in. The ugly truth of oppression cannot be fully understood unless you've been a part of it. The loss of freedoms, including freedom of SPEECH is something that tears at the very fabric of a person. I saw my grandparents pass away as mere shells of the people they had been after losing their ranch, their business, their livelihood and all the freedoms that we in this country take for granted.

Later as a young man I volunteered for service in the armed forces of this country, during a time of war, and I went where they sent me and I did what they told me to do. Remembering all the while why it was necessary. I was happy and honored to do it.

I will be damned if I will let a so-called "messiah" silence my views or trade away my freedoms for some silly "insider status" in a fantasy adventure.

As I have repeatedly said, my faith and devotion belongs to the true messiah Jesus Christ and my future beyond this plane lies with his Grace. To do anything other than what I think is true and right would be an insult to my grandparents and to Him.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Dan.

Ok.  I'll try. 

Yes, I understand there will be anger.  It may be construed that I am exploiting others' beliefs to further some extraneous end.

But, in return, I ask those who might feel wronged to show where they think I might have made a misstep.  The point is that I would have felt negligent had I not responded positively to the challenges placed in front of me.  I have only attempted to rise to the occasions presented directly to me.  To portray me as a puppet or a monster is not going to add one iota of understanding to what appears to be a complex situation. 

The very biggest obstacle to understanding is the overwhelming desire for most people to avoid the appearance of being made a fool of in public.  It would be like having to wear the dunce hat in class.  On the other hand, it is an essential aspect, especially of the Christian persuasion, to be willing to be one of God's fools.  Some folks might rather be crucified, it would seem.

The Monday morning quarterbacks fail to realize that the rubber has to meet the road somewhere, sometime.  If there is anything about disclosure that is real, it will be the most crucial event in our history.  It is not, therefore, something that can be treated as business as usual.  It is like the cartoon: in case of emergency, break glass.  Behind the glass is a Bible.  What the heck else would any non-atheist expect to find there?  Get real, folks.  We're not in Kansas anymore. 

AD on RU asks:

Question: What makes the “true believers” think someone like [RP] may hold the key to “disclosure”?

Seems to me two possibly erroneous assumptions are being made here:

1) There’s something to disclose (that hasn’t been already) and it’s so “earth shattering” that it’s classified at the highest level in the interest (presumably) of National Security.

2) [RP] (or anyone for that matter) is trusted with the “big picture” and spoon feeding it exclusively to select “true believers” in a official capacity.

Concerning 1) I believe my nemesis Springer has already touched upon the evidence (or lack thereof as it turns out) for making that assumption earlier in this thread.

Concerning 2) I find it hard to believe [RP] in particular would be trusted with such a well kept (presumably via compartmentalization) secret considering his past “performance” with the Agency as documented here…

Then he quotes from the 1998 NYT article, which end with the following paragraph:

Before long, [RP] was asked to testify on the incident by the Senate Intelligence Committee. Eager to head off any further leaks of information to a team of Congressional investigators scheduled to visit Hughes, Culver wrote a memo to the CIA's California field office, urging them to warn Hughes that Congress was starting to poke into the affair. Culver's letter triggered a Justice Department investigation into CIA for obstruction of justice, which is still being debated by a grand jury today. After [RP] testified in closed session before Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Shelby (R, Ala), he was removed from the China division and put to work on developing alternative energy sources. "In other words, he was given an empty office, without a telephone or a computer," one source familiar with the case said.

And then he asks:

Am I missing something?

Yes, as a matter of fact, and as detailed on the blog.  But those are somewhat extraneous to the even more basic point as previously reported by CI and in the post following  by AD: 

He said that his current role is focused on the foreign intelligence community. He invited me to pass on to him any information I might come across during our research and investigations which we think could be of interest to him in this role. He reiterated this invitation/request twice more during the conversation.


And Ray continues:

Did you ever stop to think that [RP] could use your/our help much more than The Dan Smith Show needs [RP] to help you become a messiah? Would you rather do something patriotic, or are you so set on your "place in the Sun" Mr. Fish, that you can only think about how you plan to save the world?

Ray goes on to ask me to convey to RP that he may have been 'elicited' by a foreign aerospace student of his. 

Ray, allow me to remind you that the most firm instruction ever passed to me by RP was that, come what may, 'never change your protocol.'  I think you barely begin to comprehend what the R&D show has endured over the years.  Has there ever been a sillier request presented to me than that I break that sacred(?) trust on the totally uninformed whim of  a 'ufo weenie'?  Am I supposed to laugh or cry???

There is one common denominator to all the armchair critics of the R&D show.  They manage to convince themselves that no one, before they fell down this chimney about a year ago, ever bothered to notice the Show.  Think about that, my friends.  If the R&D show were a joke, how many decades would it be before one of RP's supervisors might have noticed it?  You, little ufonauts that you are, are afraid even to talk to me lest you be made the fools.  What about his supervisors?  Consider their feelings about all this, my little ones!

How many FBI officers and Congressional staffers do you suppose have been alerted to the fact that a very senior intelligence officer is harboring a messianic wannabe?  Nay, how many folks in the Global Intelligence Community have managed to avoid noticing this fact long before you little water-babies fell down the R&D chimney??

What will it take for you to stop acting like you were born yesterday??

Here is your next homework assignment



Despite RP's efforts to smooth things over with RMC, it is fairly clear that Bob is not going to desist from his long standing penchant to piss upon the R&D show.  And this is entirely understandable.  Bob was in on the ground floor.  RP was the last on board with the aviary and has always been it's junior member.  Bob resents the possibility that his position has been eclipsed by a 'junior' officer. 

Now the folks at RU are happy to use the residual aviary resentment against the aquarium.  That too is understandable.  That is their job, to assemble the skeptical case.  However, by concentrating on these petty differences, they are failing to see around the curve ahead.  They fail to see the Mack truck careening around the corner.  While focusing on disclosure, they fail to apprehend the Disclosure.  It's the 800lb gorilla in the wings that escapes their field of vision. 

The ground floor of disclosure is Soap Opera and Keystone Cops.  It is designed just to lull the curiosity seekers into a sense of complacency about the potential seriousness of these issues.  Clearly we are dealing with the Amateur Hour.  The apparent casualness of the Aquarium protocol feeds into that sense of complacency.  That my friends is the smoke screen that has been ever so effective for the past twenty years, at least, ever since that masterpiece of silliness, Cover-up Live!  That has set the level of discourse for lo these many years. 

It is very hard for those who have grown up on this pabulum to obtain any intellectual purchase on what is about to transpire. 

Why then do we bother?  Why this exercise in thumb wrestling?  It's just a warm-up gig.  By keeping me preoccupied, it helps to prevent the jitters about opening night. 

And Bob is right, I truly know nut'n, honey.  My mind is made up, don't confuse me with the 'facts'.  Everything I knew about eschatology came long before I came tripping into these ufological tulips.  And frankly, my dear, I can barely give a damn.  I attend only to the politics, only to the end-game.  And that is precisely where our junior aviating Pelican shines.  The other birds could never get over his repeated acts of nose thumbing in their direction.  Clearly he did not take seriously their precious little hoard of factoids. 

Surely it was not that little Pelican had bigger fish to fry.  Surely the chirpings of Chicken Little were not meant to be taken seriously by these no-nonsense 'Insiders'! 

And so matters would stand, up until the very last day of our innocence. 

Would it help the cause if the RUers could transcend their myopia, just for a day or two?  Is their thickheadedness an unnecessary obstacle in the end game?  Does it have no greater significance than to be my own, last minute, entertaining distraction from what is barreling around the corner? 

The Aquarium strategy adheres to the old chestnut about hiding the truth in plain sight. People have gotten so used to looking under every rock for every little tidbit, that they simply become annoyed when the whole enchilada is unceremoniously waved in their faces.  Don't we fish understand the traditional rules of this game?  'Play by the rules, you scaly scofflaws!'

Of all the birds, the Pelican does not fit the menagerie.  Easy to dismiss, that one.  Must be out of the loop.  Or could that be merely wishful thinking on the part of our feathered friends?  This is the socio-political IQ test presented to the RUers.  We allow them a few more days to connect the political dots, before we have to move on. 

They do show some signs of glomming onto the fact that Pelican may be playing a different game in a very different arena.  We are talking inside the Beltway, are we not?  But there must be something more.  I think it's called 'asbestos BVDs'.  That he has a pair should be plain to the most casual, even naive, observer.  From whence did they come?  That, my skeptical little friends, is the $64 question. 

There he was, fresh out of school and his vampire gig, ogling CoR25's gaggle of leggy psychics.  And, slam-bam, thank you Mam, BJ is nursing his singed tail feathers.  This was about five years before I met him in the Alexandria strip-club.  Where did he get that mo-jo?  From his Uncle?  No, this is not about nepotism.  It came from someplace much deeper than Challenger ever went.  Someplace I never wish to venture.  My precious innocence is shielded thus, vicariously.  We are joined at the hip; its all about those miraculous BVDs.  You don't need to check the manufacturer's label.  Just know that they work.  All the other birds have had their feathers singed.  Their wings have been clipped.  Is this my gallows bravado?  Don't you think we'll find out soon enough? 



I understand that feelers aimed toward taking the next step have been floated by a known insider.  If it goes forward it would be the next to last step before D-day.  That is the day when I am publicly put on the spot. 

The next step being alluded to would be the insider answering questions straight-forwardly on a forum, in a relative thin disguise.  I suggest that this next step not be taken until and unless that person is prepared to be interviewed in background format by a respected journalist, for immediate publication.  The second step could easily happen within a few days of the first. 

I was surprised to hear that this next step was being vetted so soon after the Ivo convo.  I speculate that it was floated this early to underscore that a related message may have been delivered as embedded in the otherwise rambling diatribe of the recent shooter.  This would have been a previously assigned message/signal aimed to underscore the present timeline for the MASINT folks.  Thus the quick turnaround.  This would all be in keeping with previous protocols alluded to here.  It is all about the carrots and the sticks. 

An admirably puny stick, in this instance.  Let us hope it can be the last of such markers. 

Additional feedback tells me there is no pressure to move forward, not from the inside, not now. Ok, but that does not let me off the hook.  The door may not be open a whole inch, just a millimeter.  I'm certainly not going to kick it in, but neither am I going to ignore the the streak of light coming through the crack.  Poor ocelot must be spinning in his grave.  A quorum call tomorrow.  I can't be overly anxious, just the steady shoulder. 

And back again.  Yes, one insider, Alphonse, will encourage another, Gaston, to answer questions, probably on the OM forum.  Alphonse may provide a Venn diagram charting the wide range of statements previously made by Gaston on the various topics of interest.  Hopefully there might be some narrowing of the rather broad historical range.  But we should not expect to be ushered into any Great Truth.  If the noise level is reduced by a decibel or two, we should call it a success.  Will the NYT reporter be waiting in the wings to pounce on this story?  That would truly be a long-shot.  Alphonse remains adamant that nothing he said previously to any OM admin should in any way be construed as his endorsing any part of the core story.  That will be leaving Gaston still a bit exposed, we think. 


[4/20] [a]

A bit exposed? 

More like RP pushing KG in front of the A-Train and walking away whistling Auld Lange Syne

I don't think so, Ronny, boy.....

I appreciate your wish to ease the gnawing in the pits of our stomachs.  I appreciate this nostalgic vignette, but we all know that the good old days of plucking feathers is gone for good.  There's nothing left to do but face the music.  How's that parachute looking?  Shiny gold, or leaden gray? 

Or not.  There is this from DF:

The dropped penny:
Ron’s intentionally putting Kit on the spot. Advice from Ron a couple of weeks ago, to Kit, was to stop talking to all the nuts...Kit’s response was, ‘I’ll talk to whom I damn well please’. Is this a - ‘Right Kit, you want talk to’s going to be all or nothing, what do you think of that? Bluff called!’ ??

Was the ‘message’ in Ron’s communiqué, through Chris, intended primarily for Kit and a couple of other ‘old birds’?. Ron had allegedly advised Dan that the only person he would speak to, to confirm the convo with Chris, was Kit. I was ‘tasked’ (by Dan) with the lovely job of informing Kit, who apparently knew nothing about the Chris/Ron dialogue when I first brought it up. A Ron shot across Kit's bow? Then the ‘public clarification’. Makes a lot more sense than Ron backing Dan’s messianic bid, though helping a friend retain his sound sanity status at the same time. 'Killing two birds with one stone' comes to mind................

The Force is no longer with us? 

Venn diagram?  My ass! 

The jury is slightly perplexed at this point. 

Two birds with one stone?  Or is it three birds with one boomerang? 

I think I'll take the A-train.

Ron is leaving us to twist in the wind.  Yes, that is supposed to be the picture presented to the public.  And there should be some truth to that, otherwise we will not be able to play our roles effectively.  We have the opportunity to get our own ducks in a row.  This is Kit's chance to turn State's evidence.  He can do that only by vicariously supporting my you-know-what. We minnows conspire to take down the Big Tuna.

That is our only way out, at this point.  Ron will put up token resistance.  Is this an engraved invitation to the Dirksen Hearing Room?  Or what?  Does anyone see the middle ground here?  This is all about the vanishing of the middle.  Remember the good ol' days of crashed discs and bug-eyed monsters?  Pass the popcorn! 



Sent:  Sun 4/22/2007 9:05 AM


Subject:  A reverse judas, a la Bennewitz.




Enigmatic?  Not terribly!   


Ron seemingly contradicts himself yet again.  A few weeks ago we know he was asking you to curtail your communication; now he seeks to encourage it.  This suggestion was in response to my query as to a follow up to his conversation with Chris.


That is all I have directly from him.  The rest is by way of aquarium inference, as usual.   


The path forward, and of least resistance, goes through Ron.  If there is a political lightning rod for ‘disclosure’, it would be him.  You and I, rather by design, are the closest witnesses to that putative fact, and me rather closer than you.   


My testimony has been in the public domain for years, but everyone has been studiously averting their eyes, out of what?  Embarrassment?     


Uncle Sam has a piece of spinach on his tooth.  Every time he opens his mouth to utter a disclosure, there it is.  I’m the spinach, Ron is the tooth.  Can’t Uncle Sam just use some floss? 


Yes, he can, Kit.  You’re the floss….  Well, not exactly.  You’re the bullet!   


Your job is to persuade the boys at RU to bite this bullet, not to mix metaphors or anything.  They are a tad sceptical about my testimony, to-date.  They may not know that Doty spent his ‘final’ hours, with John and Mark, detailing the Bennewitz affair.  You support my public contention that Ron’s attentions to me could easily be construed in that same fashion.  How else??







P.S. my response here to you is also being posted to the blog. 



Louise does like to argue.  She called today, going on about Webster Tarpley and his book on 9/11.  I listened for awhile, deciding whether I wanted to engage or not.  It came down to the fact that I had no other entertainment available.  It did not then occur to me that the news would be so slow that this might become our first bloggable moment, if memory serves.  Why now?  God knows!  Privacy?  Well, Louise lives in the Montana mountains and and she and Ben pride themselves on having no Internet or TV.  Does that not border on the oxymoronic?  Let me not get ahead of the story.  Anyway, she will not read this until it has gone stale. 

Here are two conspiracy theorists going at it.  Whose theory is better?  Louise came to her theory via Nicaragua.  I gather that a friend of hers was there in the time of the Sandinistas and Contras. 


Sorry, we have to interrupt this family gossip, to bring you some updates:

Getting Naked

Then there is RU.  They are doing their due diligence on the R&D show and will make a public statement by the end of the week.  Ryan was on vacation last week, and that has slowed down the process. 

Then there is the TC group.  It ostensibly has a Vatican link, but I am skeptical.  The real link must got to Exopolitics and Paola Harris.  She is a protégé of Father Balducci.  But, that may not be the deepest deal.  I suspect the Vatican has signed on to the big deal, privately.  They are not yet prepared to get naked.  They should be the last/first. 

Yes, now I do appreciate the aquatic antipathy of Michael Salla.  He is not in the final loop.  And he is snooty as hell.  Maybe he was born that way.  He has no clue.  He follows his script.  If you have not seen a Michael presentation you may not appreciate these words. 

You need to look at approximately here.  It ain't nothin', honey.  Expect the RU folk to elaborate upon this deep insight by the end of the week. 

Any other questions? 


Anyway.  Somehow we got from the Contras to UFOs.  That was in place in 1991 when I joined MUFON [see 4/24].  The issue concerns salvation.  Can there be vicarious atonement?  I say yes, she says no.  But it is mainly a question of degree.  She says that the ignorant people must suffer for their ignorance.  I suppose that they do not have to pay the full penalty.  There are extenuating circumstances having to do self-concealment and self-revelation.  Louise is anti-messianic.  To me, that seems to come from vindictiveness. 



I should also point out Zep's blog.  The battle of the blogs is heating up.  Goody!

Back to Montana:

A defining incident between us was in 6/91, previously mentioned, when we both became entrained for a few days in a borderline psychosis.  We came out with diametric interpretations: me toward pronoia, she toward paranoia.  That marked the beginnings of phenomenology and ufology for both of us.  She follows the Greer conspiracy line; I follow the aquarium conspiracy line.  The added fact for her is that there can be no remission for our sins committed in ignorance.  I am blue in the face from trying to explain about the self-concealing creator.  It is precisely the Creator who is ultimately responsible for our materialist inspired ignorance.  That is just the veil of nature, not penetrable by an analytic science.  There can be no creation without separation.  Thus our existential angst and all the depravity that goes with it.  But I don't know of a single modern who has been able to take on-board the geo-anthropocentrism of the BPWH.  Once thrown into Pascal's abyss of space&time, only by the grace of a higher reasoning may we again find ourselves and reclaim our souls.  If the Aquarium cannot be a focal channel of that grace, then someone else will, and sooner, not later.  It's us or rust.  It may look like a Tippecanoe, but do you wish to gamble that an Ocean Liner waits around the bend.  This is just the prime directive row boat.  Grab an oar. 

Back to the Rome connection:

Take a look at Michael vs. Steven.  Michael is clearly hewing closer to the Balducci line, and closer to the phenomenology.  Steve takes the New Age line that was aptly portrayed in the early sequence of Independence Day.  Recall the fate of those poor peacenik hippies.  Where does this put the Balduccians concerning the exopolitics of the City within the City?  Is Pope Benedict afraid of John Negroponte?  Is the Vatican once again going to take the side of the forces of darkness?  Where is the one whistleblower in the Church?  Salla laid down the gauntlet to the Aquarium, when my phone call to Ed Komarek at their Hawaiian conference resulted in his being purged from their board.  I kid you not!  Scott Jones intercepted the call. 

Clearly the Aquarium represents the A/C, aX Ishmael, NWO/CIA initiative, and Michael is the (self-?) appointed Vatican whistleblower!  Yes, the battle of the blogs experiences a global warming.  Despite their philosophic and personal antipathies, we do note a marriage of convenience between Exopolitics and the Disclosure Project, via Paul Hellyer and others.  All the better to defend against their common foe, the Fish Tank.  When Michael and Steven finally decide that they must take us on in public, that will be the final chapter in this saga.  They will both have to follow in the footsteps of RU.  Welcome to the R&D tar-baby.

Michael, however, is finally forced to adhere to Exo-political hypothesis rather than the Ultra-political hypothesis.  Why not the UTH?  Should that not be the preferred Vatican position?  Did they burn Giordano Bruno for naught?  No.  Monsignor Corrado does nearly follow the BPWH/UTH hypotheses.  If Michael were to take that tack, he would all too soon fall into our ratiocinative/tender trap.  This avoidance of the UTH will buy the PtB/Vatican only a few months further delay of the Passover Plot.  Spend it wisely, boys!

I think I'd have to admit that the Greer hypothesis is more rational in the ETH context than is the Exopolitical/Sarfatti/Mixed-Bag hypothesis.  The M-BH only stands up in the UTH context.  Isn't Michael smart enough to realize this?  I suspect he is, but is toeing the ETH line in keeping with the PtB/Vatican strategy of pushing the ETH as long as possible.  Balducci quietly espouses the UTH/theistic line to keep the faithful in line.  This double ploy on the part of the PtB/V will work only on these margins.  Once the light begins to shine into these recesses, these creepy crawly things will all be running for cover.  Are the RU boys smart enough to see through these ploys?  Not real sure about that.  It's all about agenda vs. reason driven discourse and 'investigation'.  The debunkers have the luxury of hedging every hypothesis.  That is the analytic ploy.  If there exists a larger truth, it will never be uncovered in that piecemeal fashion.  Truth is not an agenda item for RU.  All they need to do is effectively blow the whistle on R&D.  The rest will take care of itself. 

And this from Ryan on RU:

However the elephant remains in the room. Our challenge, or better-yet Caryn's challenge, to Ron remains unmet. All of these people observe these confirmed truths outlined above - that Ron writes these things, and says these things, to a man who is at least somewhat mentally ill. The question, "Why?", remains unanswered. And Ron continues to look more and more silly in not providing everyone who is staring at this huge elephant in the room, somewhat of a more reasonable answer.

Do we hear that whistle blowing?  I might need a hearing-aid.  Now what?  Sounds like a dead-end.  Is this the last word from RU?  Do we shrug our shoulders and walk away?  What will it take to make this tiny pot of ambiguity boil over into a more general alarum?  Hmmm....  Must be beyond my pay grade.  They'll have to find a media outlet.  Does Gary B have the answer?  Perhaps they should try to light a fire under Michael S.  We let it alone and see if it festers.  DC is rather well inoculated against the R&D mimetic virus.  They'll have to go out to the hustings.  The folks in the hinterlands are not likely to comprehend this insider 'joke'. 

Do we have to dredge up 9/11 again?  Where is Paul Bennewitz when we need him?  Will the Doty movie help to move this mountain of indifference?  Someone will have to do a very clever, man bites dog, kind of write-up. 



This from the Seinu/TC thread on OM, referring to the aquarium: 

The names mentioned above and their side-kicks are in a dream world to believe they are the chosen ones. Do they not understand others are pulling the strings to make them dance?!! That is why we have taken the other path, as it leads to the puppet masters (we are closing in on the first - over seas).

Chris was saying that he saw a positive reference, but this appears definitive.  DF said that TC decided to bail out of OM after the RP/CI convo.  We understand that RU is investigating the TC/Bren connex. 

Mind you, I suspect this is mostly superficial squabbling, just to stir the pot.  PtB/V must have signed on long ago, or we wouldn't still be here.  I'll stick with the above analysis of these petty politics.  Each of the big players has its own proxies in the ufo arena.  Just a little pushing and shoving. 

Some folks are pushing to activate CoR25 again.  I'm saying I don't wish to keep screwing around.  It's about time to nail this mother, don't ya think? 



There is the problem of promiscuity in the field of disclosure, as in all fields.  It is the problem of establishing value and authenticity.  Otherwise there will only be false flags from here to KC. 

This is not just an aquarium problem; it is your problem and God's problem.  On the one hand we have Deus Absconditus, on the other we have everyone and their sister.  Yes, there will have to be more than a little chaff to protect the payload.  In that department we are not wanting.  Folks know that I do reach out.  They must also know that I eschew promiscuity.  We must all keep our powder dry. 

There must be evaluation and revaluation every step of the way.  Thus can priorities be established.  Thus can thresholds be designated.  There cannot be playgrounds without fences.  There cannot be a circus without rings; not a play without a stage and a stage door.  All the world is a stage.  BUT his-Story is Metanarrative, and, be there such, it can have only one script.  The aquarium is here for one purpose: to inaugurate the composition of that Script, retrospectively and prospectively.  All else is cacophony.  There will be many writers, but one Story. 

That Story will be someone's Vision, and everyone's Guide.  You are invited to put your shoulder to this wheel.  There will be no kudos; the only prize is Sophie.  We could all do a lot worse. 


I have reread James Gardner's The Intelligent Universe: AI, ET and the Emerging Mind of the Cosmos (2007).  If only he would take his Ritalin, he might get somewhere.  He is like a kid in a candy store.  And he will only touch one kind of candy, that kind invented by card carrying Physicists.  That is the problem that amateurs have when they try to impress the Pros.  They get bent out of shape, and end up as lap dogs. 

Here is a non-physicalist approach to the Anthropic problem:  A New Theory of the Universe: Biocentrism builds on quantum physics by putting life into the equation -- by Robert Lanza (4/2007).  I'll give it a look.......

Things are definitely heating up on the Anthropic front, especially since the Physicists have so manifestly fumbled this ball. 



Yes, it is very instructive to contrast Lanza and Gardner.  Lanza takes the Physicists to task, speaking with all the biological authority he can muster, yet, even he gets hung up on the quantum, in his last gasps.  Physicalism is due to take a great tumble, the greatest intellectual tumble taken by any profession, ever.  It will not be pretty, but their intellectual arrogance to-date has been even less pretty.  Hasta la vista, Babies!  Take your Bomb and shove it, to paraphrase Allen Ginsberg. 

Am I bitter?  Do I kick the Sleeping Dogs of Materialism?  Did they ever kick me?  They were the intellectual hand that fed the dream of my youth.  And then I awoke and took a stroll, right out the front door of Palmer Hall, their citadel.  No hard feelings, guys.  Just some last minute butterflies.  Just a little finger exercise over here. 

The Quantum is not the problem, nor the solution: it is a significant one of many symptoms of the falsity of materialism.  Get over it, everybody.

I have still not heard back from Kit, despite my leaving another message yesterday, at Ron's prompting.  Ron still has his double ear infection, first in ten years, and he wanted Kit to prescribe anti-biotic eardrops for him.  Viral memes, anyone?  He had already sent an email to that effect, but wanted me to underline his request.  He must have gotten an earful.  Both of us also have requested Kit to participate in an online discussion about R&D.  Now, I did not remember to ask Ron about Kit's suggestion of an intermediary to relay Ron's approval for his being nailed in this revisitation of Operation Bennewitz.  But, nonetheless, is Kit exercising a pocket veto over Ron's 'necktie' party?  We should find out in the next couple of days.  I sure can't go to the party without him. 

In the meantime there is likely to be a follow-up interview in OM, focused on the BPWH.  There was a bit of a communication glitch yesterday when a text from DF impacted the domestic tranquility, resulting in further clampdown.  So it goes.....  Security is tight.  Speaking of which, Richard opined about water-skiing on Lake Placid.  Does he know anything the rest of us don't? 

In the same issue of the Scholar there is an article by Robert Orsi, 'When 2+2 = 5'.  He explores the passion of the Passion, i.e. the politics of transubstantiation: this being the underpinning of the Hundred Years War: the problem of the empty Cross, etc....etc.  Il Papa wins that argument, IMHO, against every other metaphysic in the market.  Am I just kissing ass, er....ring?  And so what?  We are the World??  No, my friends, we are the Body!  No way around it.  No shortcuts, save vicarious atonement.  How do we know that?  Salvation can only be collective.  Even Karl Marx had this one nailed.  Buddhists and Protestants argue otherwise.  Hmmm.......  It's all about apokatastasis.  The soul is an illusion, a la Buddhism, but Hare Krishna wins in the end.  You gotta press the flesh, just ask DF.  Reality is a social construct, a la the primordial version of pokatok.  End runs get you nowhere, fast.  It is harder than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.  This is precisely why the UTs beat a path to our doorstep, with their proctoscopes.  God is a circle whose center is everywhere?  Not quite.  Agape is the center.  Sophia is not incoherent.  That is the Good.  That is the BPW.  Like it or lump it; you'll look funny without it. 

Protestants, Islamists and Physicists have a lot in common.  They all abjure the Biocosm.  Get over it.  Get used to it.  Heaven is no abstraction.  Neither is Hell.  That is not a threat; that is The Promise.  There is no other.  Seventy-two virgins is small potatoes.  Folks are dying to get there, but, hey, look around before you leap.  Kick a tire or two, and love your neighbors, every last one of them.  Just remember, there is no meaning without feeling. 



This from Wired 3/8/07:

WN: I imagine that a lot of physicists will be rather upset by your article. How do you expect them to react?

Lanza: People are not going to be very happy with what this all means. This theory is going to invalidate their (some scientists) entire life's work. I will definitely get crucified.

We've got the scientific structure and framework incorrect. We need a theory that is internally consistent. We can't do this without creating a biological understanding of space and time. This will require restructuring science so that biology is above physics.


WN: In your article, you make the assertion that time and space do not exist. What do you mean by that?

Lanza: There is something very unusual about them. We can't put them in a marmalade jar and take them back to the lab for analysis. Space and time are forms of animal sense perception. Space and time are not objects or things -- they are forms of animal sense perception.

Thousands of articles and books have danced around the desire to toss off the current mechanical world view that has dominated Western culture for hundreds of years. While some imply that time and space may not in fact exist, this article diagrams, for the first time, such a universe -- a universe in which time and space do not exist as physical realities independent of humans and animals. 

From an MSNBC posting:

"Physicists have had [a] 100 years of trying to resolve the conflicts in their foundations, and they've had no luck," Lanza said. "It's not because they're not bright. It's obviously because there's a part of the puzzle that's missing. And I think this is the answer: The answer is biology. Hopefully, if that message gets out, I think we'll be able to basically resolve the conflicts very quickly."


"The very first thing that embryonic stem cells do, without any effort at all, is that they make neurons," Lanza observed. "They are assembling basically into the fundamental structures that are the building blocks of reality. ... If you look at embryonic stem cells, they can do anything - every cell of the body - but what they do, and every scientist who has studied this will tell you, is they make neurons. All the other cell types are a lot more problematic, they require more signaling. But this is what they do on their own without any external signals. I find that interesting, and I don't think necessarily it's an accident."

Now for the Scholar article:

The urgent and primary questions of the universe have been undertaken by those physicists who are trying to explain the origins of everything with grand unified theories. But as exciting as these theories are, they are an evasion, if not a reversal, of the central mystery of knowledge: that the laws of the world were somehow created to produce the observer. And more important than this, that the observer in a significant sense creates reality and not the other way around. Recognition of this insight leads to a single theory that unifies our understanding of the world.


All of this makes sense from a biocentric perspective: time is the inner form of animal sense that animates events—the still frames—of the spatial world. The mind animates the world like the motor and gears of a projector. Each weaves a series of still pictures into an order, into the “current” of life. Motion is created in our minds by running “film cells” together. Remember that everything you perceive, even this page, is being reconstructed inside your head. It’s happening to you right now. All of experience is an organized whirl of information in your brain.


Twenty-five hundred years later, the Zeno arrow paradox finally makes sense. The Eleatic school of philosophy, which Zeno brilliantly defended, was right. So was Heisenberg when he said, “A path comes into existence only when you observe it.” There is neither time nor motion without life. Reality is not “there” with definite properties waiting to be discovered but actually comes into being depending upon the actions of the observer.


The late Heinz Pagels once commented: “If you deny the objectivity of the world unless you observe it and are conscious of it, then you end up with solipsism—the belief that your consciousness is the only one.” Indeed, I once had one of my articles challenged by a reader who took this exact position. “I would like to ask Robert Lanza,” he wrote, “whether he feels the world will continue to exist after the death of his consciousness. If not, it’ll be hard luck for all of us should we outlive him” (New Scientist, 1991).

What I would question, with respect to solipsism, is the assumption that our individual separateness is an absolute reality. Bell’s experiment implies the existence of linkages that transcend our ordinary way of thinking. An old Hindu poem says, “Know in thyself and all one self-same soul; banish the dream that sunders part from whole.” If time is only a stubbornly persistent illusion, as we have seen, then the same can be said about space. The distinction between here and there is also not an absolute reality. Without consciousness, we can take any person as our new frame of reference. It is not my consciousness or yours alone, but ours. That’s the new solipsism the experiments mandate. The theorist Bernard d’Espagnat, a collaborator of Niels Bohr and Enrico Fermi, has said that “non-separability is now one of the most certain general concepts in physics.”


You may question whether the brain can really create physical reality. However, remember that dreams and schizophrenia (consider the movie A Beautiful Mind) prove the capacity of the mind to construct a spatial-temporal reality as real as the one you are experiencing now. The visions and sounds schizophrenic patients see and hear are just as real to them as this page or the chair you’re sitting on.


Physical reality begins and ends with the animal observer. All other times and places, all other objects and events are products of the imagination, and serve only to unite knowledge into a logical whole. We are pleased with such books as Newton’s Principia, or Darwin’s Origin of Species. But they instill a complacency in the reader. Darwin spoke of the possibility that life emerged from inorganic matter in some “warm little pond.” Trying to trace life down through simpler stages is one thing, but assuming it arose spontaneously from nonliving matter wants for the rigor and attention of the quantum theorist.


Space and time, not proteins and neurons, hold the answer to the problem of consciousness. When we consider the nerve impulses entering the brain, we realize that they are not woven together automatically, any more than the information is inside a computer. Our thoughts have an order, not of themselves, but because the mind generates the spatio-temporal relationships involved in every experience. We can never have any experience that does not conform to these relationships, for they are the modes of animal logic that mold sensations into objects. It would be erroneous, therefore, to conceive of the mind as existing in space and time before this process, as existing in the circuitry of the brain before the understanding posits in it a spatio-temporal order. The situation, as we have seen, is like playing a CD—the information leaps into three-dimensional sound, and in that way, and in that way only, does the music indeed exist.

We are living through a profound shift in worldview, from the belief that time and space are entities in the universe to one in which time and space belong to the living. Think of all the recent book titles—The End of Science, The End of History, The End of Eternity, The End of Certainty, The End of Nature, and The End of Time. Only for a moment, while we sort out the reality that time and space do not exist, will it feel like madness.

This is OK for a start, but next he'll have to get into the phenomenology of cycles and archetypes, as in AZO/X/QRP.  What is important about Robert Lanza is the pragmatic gravitas that his person brings to this topic.  It becomes a political phenomenon for about the first time.  This is the shifting tide into which the Aquarium is about to plunge.  Ron signals his readiness, apparently having received his final earful.  Kit stares nervously into the abyss.  Ours is not to reason 'why', Kit. 

I am reading two articles:  [5/2 -- got interrupted here, I think I was looking at Timothy O'Connor at Indiana U.  I'll try to get back to this, asap.] 



There has been a conversation with CoR25.  There was a discussion as to whether this conversation might constitute a news story.  The correspondent said he would be surprised if it did rise to that level. 

CoR25 said that he will confirm to whomever that there have been extensive communications between me and Ron over a number of years, and that Ron is well aware of my bias toward eschatology of the traditional kind. 

I have had discussions with OM and RU, and they are prepared to make the case that a confirmable R&D show should rise to the level of legitimate news.  Well, OM is so prepared.  We'll have to see about RU.  They are welcome to call CoR25. 

CoR25 was surprised that the R&D show had not already been publicly confirmed.  I contended that it had not been so confirmed, and he readily consented to be the official confirmer of the R&D show. 

Any questions? 

I then called Ron.  He did not indicate that he had any problem with this 'small' additional step.  I don't recall that we discussed whether this should rise to the level of a legitimate news story. 



There have been postings on OM, RU and Starstream relative to the above.  I plan to meet with GR this pm to obtain his expert opinion about a possible news story.  Also I expect to be talking to John Lundberg about his documentary.  On Saturday there should be another interview with OM, focusing on the BPWH. 

The ideal position for the Aquarium would be to arrange for two or three news outlets that could be activated within two or three days of our final decision.  So, yes, I would hope to be consulted by CoR25 before his speaking positively with a credentialed reporter on this topic.  If we continue moving as above, then the increased Internet chatter should become news in itself within a few weeks.  We might only wish to slightly preempt that spontaneous event. 

Then we have the issue of what hereabouts might rise to the level of newsworthiness.  This from RU:

What we were trying to convey to you last night, Dan, is whether something of this nature would be a little more interesting to the general public:

"Ron talks to Dan extensively about eschatology and issues related to ufology - and supports and encourages Dan positively in his online blog statements related to eschatology, ufology, and related phenomenology. Furthermore - Ron submits correspondence to Dan on various ufology issues in a supportive role, including controversial issues such as supporting Gordon Novel's RAM project both on the blog and monetarily (encouraging Dan to invest a few thousand dollars in Gordon's project), investigating Rick Doty's involvement in Serpo, and all of the other issues discussed on Dan's blog. Ron has had Dan meet with officials, members of Congress, and even foreign delegates. These activities appear, at least, to represent official, not personal, investment and interest in Dan Smith - a controversial figure in Eschatology, Ufology, and Phenomenology who [CF] has reportedly called insane and 'sick'."

That would constitute confirmation.

Most of this is untrue!  Then there was this from DF:

When I approached Dr CoR25 for his comments, and he offered many, his closing response was this:

“I have no clue what the "confirmation of the R&D show means"...I said I would tell ANYONE that I know Ron and Dan are friends, have talked about all manner and matter of stuff for years, they disagree vehemently [on] essentially any matter of substance, have great humor, and know each other very well: they talk often, and are very open when asked by anyone that they communicate a great deal in person, by phone, and by email, but neither knows what the other is really all about...nor do I. If THAT is the "R&D Show..." you bet: I will tell anyone THAT...good heavens I have been confirming that for many years!

"I also do not know what Dan will post, if or how he will refer to me, if it will have a spin that I either care about or would agree/disagree with...or anything else. I told Dan I trusted him to represent what I believe, and anyone who wants to confirm can. That would include any "reporter" except from Blogs and web sites...which I [do] not consider legitimate journalists...because none of them follow even the most simple or courteous Chatham House rules, much less journalistic ethics of sourcing backgrounder conversations.”

So, ok, the more things change, the more they stay the same. 

Now we reenter the Spin Zone: 

Let me repeat my common refrain: Ron has contributed virtually nothing to the metaphysical speculations herein.  Or put another way, Ron has been acting more as my handler than as my interlocutor.  It is true that I have often referred to him as my 'interlocutor', simply because that sounds a bit more highbrow, less sweaty, if you will.  It was WoR30 who once remarked that hubby and I were 'joined at the hip', in some sociopolitical sense of the phrase.  Whatever! 

From this perspective, the underlying issue here is and remains the Bennewitz/Jesus issue, not to put too fine a point on it.  To be more specific, given that I came to Ron presenting symptoms of Delusions of Grandeur, it is fair to say that he has failed in his continuing attempts to cure me of those delusions.  Should Ron's diligent, but futile, psychiatric interventions with me rise to the level of Newsworthiness?  That would depend a lot on how some reporter might wish to spin that story. 

Then this:

I will go on record confirming that I speak with Dan irregularly, am aware of Dan's interest in what he calls eschatology, and try to maintain a supportive role. In a broader sense I concur with all relevant comments by Dr. Green whose amazing skills in differential diagnosis and knowledge of current pharmaceutical products may have recently saved my hearing. That said I am concerned with the motivations of those who constantly bait Dan to make strange and public pronouncements. If you like reading Dan's Blog entries enjoy them, but enjoy them for what they are.

Yes, I am tempted, but allow me to leave the comments to others. 



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