Cosmology 103
Physiology of the Monad

It has been more than three years since the posting of Cosmology 101&2.  In the interval there has been a shift favoring a fully organic cosmos, with more emphasis on optimization.  The singularity of Earth becomes remarkable.

Let us recall that we are looking at the noumenal, metaphysical, implicate order, or the collective preconscious as the singular source of being.  The phenomenal world may then be likened to the holograph produced by the noumenal hologram.

The subjective and objective aspects emerge from the logical primacy of the preconscious.  This singular monadic matrix is witness to the cosmic identity of all indiscernibility.

The cosmic self awakens through layers of increasing discernment.  Our imminent, within a millennium, eschaton is the ultimate state of cosmic wakefulness.

As with an alarm clock in the morning, the cosmic mind is aroused out of its eternal slumber, entrailing the narrational filaments of meaning that become our still dreamtime history.  The external alarm in this case is the atemporal, logical falling together of the Monster Group, enough to give the willies to the soundest of sleepers.  The MG serves as the logical scaffold of the eschaton, from which ending dangles the still forming narrative dream of our history fading off into the preconscious mythos.

The Final Theory of physics pays tribute to the physical instantiation of the MG.  In the metaphysics of the millennium we will invert the MG toward its psychological instantiation.  That should be fun.

And all of this is happening right here, and nowhere else.  There is nowhere else.  The starry sky is just the projective geometry of the MG.  The occasional starry messenger is just that.

Stage fright is but a temporary condition.  We were born to the challenge of the eschaton, one and all.  And if you think we can work this out with a pencil, perhaps, but I would suggest the wisdom that has been tested by fire.

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