So Bring on Chicken Little! 


(There is a bit of a story behind the Chicken Little epithet.  It is a story that involved nearly ten years of my life.  This story figured prominently in the previous incarnation of this website.  At some point it may be advisable to resurrect a copy of that site, just to keep the record straight.  In the meantime, certain allusions and illusions are liable to creep back in, so, kindly, bear with me.) 

My contention is that there are a more than a few potential Chicken Littles running around in this postmodern world of ours.  I am certainly one of them, although I seem to be the only one out there with a website, as far as my modest googling skills can attest.  

There are more than a few of us who question the cosmic hegemony of materialism.  Now if one is content with mysticism, dualism or some other form of incoherence, one is free just to go on with one's own life.  But if one strives for coherence the options narrow rapidly.  If there is an option besides immaterialism, it surely is obscure.  In the West, immaterialism has not been taken seriously since the heyday of Hegelian idealism almost two centuries ago.  In the East, immaterialism has never not been taken seriously, but that is another story.  

From the perspective of an immaterialist, materialism looks ever so much like a balloon filled with a monstrous void and a few atoms.  There is a strong and probably childish urge just to pop that particular balloon.  And is it not said than one may enter into the kingdom only as a child?  Does it not take a child to point to the nakedness of the king?  

How much longer can the Hercules of the scientific-materialist complex continue to hold up the void that is its sky?   Just one prick, just one audible bump in the night and it is all gone.  I don't mind being that prick or that bump.  But before we succumb to the delight of 'popping' the Newtonian void, let us just take a peek to see what probably lies behind that particular veil. 


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