Behind the Void


With just atoms in the void, existence is not problematic.  It is an either/or, absolutist proposition.  This is the Newtonian reality that still undergirds the entire apparatus of modernism.  By the way, Newton was notoriously un-Newtonian and un-modern, being, amongst other things, an expert in alchemy. 

Non-Newtonian existence is bound to be problematic.  If there is no longer an absolute spatial manifold to contain things, there has to be a completely different rationale.  Here it is.  To exist is to relate.  There is no such thing as passive isolation. 

All existence is relative to some holistic potency.  All existence must be bootstrapped in some microcosmic fashion.  This is almost exactly the opposite of the world we perceive, especially through our astronomical telescopes. 

I recognize that I am turning the world inside out and standing it on its head, or actually on all our heads.  Welcome to the world of immaterialism and idealism.  If the Buddha under the Bo tree wishes to dream up a starry cosmos, who are we to complain or second guess?  But I take that back.  It is precisely our job to second guess the Buddha, particularly if we are amenable to the prophetic tradition.  And this is why we have been brought together here in cyberspace.  So place your hand on the computer as we collectively use our ouija-keyboards to probe the mind of the Buddha and facilitate the next revelation. 

Logically this should have been the first page of the website, but then we are dealing with a non-Newtonian, alchemical logic, in keeping with that Master's own spirit. 


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