In the context of Creation, I have spoken of our self-deception regarding materialism.  It is as if God were hiding behind the veil of Nature.  Now the self-concealing God is also bound to be self-revealing, but this can be problematic if one does not wish to give away the whole show inadvertently.  In the breach between Creator and creation, there must be a hermetic messenger figure.  This figure necessarily has many guises.  One of those guises is the Trickster which also has many guises.  

The book, to which I have just referred you, was written by George Hansen, who happens to have been a de facto member of the Aquarium nearly since its inception.  George's connection with the Aquarium stems from his interest in the 'Aviary', some of whose members he discusses under the topic of 'government disinformation.'  Thoughtfully, George does not directly mention Ron who was a full-fledged bird person, and who garnered some considerable interest on George's part. 

Can we then explain the Aquarium phenomenon or the Ron & Dan show as just another species of disinformation?  Perhaps, but of all the possible forms that disinformation might take, the Aquarium would have to be one of the most peculiar and potentially the most sensitive.  

For what it's worth, here is my own speculation about the Aquarium phenomenon.  

Suppose you were God and wanted to stage a postmodern prophetic event.  How might it differ from previous such alleged events?  The main novel concern would be dealing with the mass media.  If this event were to be world class, it would certainly have to come to the attention of the media, sooner rather than later.  This makes things more than a bit tricky, and so we have the Trickster.  


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