Trickster  (part 2)


So here we are.  God with a message and the media looking for a story, as usual.  One does not need much imagination to see how there might be a divergence of interest, depending on the nature of the message.  For the sake of argument, let us assume that what you see on these pages bears some resemblance to the desired message.  

If we wish to optimize the human participation in the eschatology then that participation must be voluntary and relatively spontaneous, and so the message itself must not be couched in a coercive context.  Multiplying the fish with an audience of 5 thousand would not be qualitatively the same as with an audience of 5 billion, say.  And still we have the problem of dealing with the powers-that-be.  Looks like a job for the Trickster.  Bring on Ron and the 'Visitors'. 

Ron you already know.  The visitors are known by that emblematic alien face that has managed to infiltrate the popular media, not to say, the mass psyche.  More than a few people, even some who are well placed in various sects, fully expect the visitors to play a direct role in an imminent messianic event.  

I would prefer for them a less direct role vis a vis the public, along the lines of minimalism.  But I would suggest that they may have needed to be more assertive in their contact with key elements of the powers-that-be.  To avoid a repetition of an event of the Herod type, they might have had to read the riot act to those key people, and it probably would have involved more than just reading.  The most tangible evidence of such an intervention for public consumption would be something of the nature of the Ron & Dan show, were it ever to transcend that glass ceiling.  

Just a speculation. 


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