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May thru Dec. '98
(in a two-part chronological order)

August through December '98

  Some Fragments

The Emergence of Physics

  • Must Anything Exist?
  Realism & Immaterialism

Postmodern Reconstruction

  • Stumbling Past the Eschaton
The Shape of the Cosmos
  • Simple at the Ends -- Complex in the Middle
Metaphysical Activism
  • Looking for the Archimedean Point
  • A More Worthy Opponent
    Transcendental Naturalism
    • Kicking the Habit
    The World is the Prism of Love
    • The Christ Event Defines Its Shape
    The Illusion of Color
    • Immanentizing the Eschaton
    • And the Ontology of Creation
    Society of Mind
    • The Very Idea of It
    The Impersonal
    • The One True Vacuum
      The Personal
    • It is Persons All the Way Down
      Pagan and Christian
    • Agreeing to Disagree
      Losing Ourselves
    • Gaining the Cosmos
      The Structure of Experience
    • Bootstrapping Existence
      Combinatoricians All
    • Fission and Fusion
    • Smoke and Mirrors
      Bits of Reality
    • On Having our Cake
      Cosmic Drama
    • JFK vs. LHO
    • Primordial Impulse
      The Metaphysics of Love
    • Auto-hyperlinking
      Our Holographic Connection
    • It is only Natural
    • Hiding behind Love
      Crossing the River
    • View from the Boat
      The Resurrection of Flight 111
    • Casting the Net
      On the Innocence of Wm. J. Clinton
    • Why Me, Lord?
      Foreseeing the Market
    • A Profits Prophet?
      Indra’s Net
    • And the Modes of Spiritual Production
      Quantum Magic
    • A Bridge to Immaterialism
      Redundancy & Mathematics
    • Hology
      The Logic of Love
    • Did God Have a Choice?
      Grand Unification
    • It Could even Overcome Separation
      Where are the Laws?
    • Where is the Key?
      Islands of Knowledge
    • Ocean of Ignorance
      Psychological Unity
    • Without Mysticism
      Welcome to Mind Space
    • Where everything contains everything else
      A Handle on Mind Space
    • Wading in the Ocean of Ignorance
      Aquarium Update
    • The more things stay the same, the more they change
      Quantum Computing
    • Going with the Flow
      Quantum Duality
    • A step in the right direction
      Quantum Convergence
    • Dualism vs. immaterialism
      Quantum Harbinger
    • And the Second Coming
      Semiotics & Struturalism
    Cutting some Slack
    • The How & Why of Symbols
      Microcosmic Model
    • A Mathematical Starting Point
      The Mathematics of Cognition
    • Beyond the Network
    The Mathematics of Cognition - pt. 2
    • A Grammar Lesson
    An Immaterialism Discussion Group – pt. 2
    • The Cure vs. the Disease
      Capitalism & Technology
    • How do we get from prophets to profits and back again?
      Latter-Day Capitalism
    • Connecting the Dots
      Gift Horse
    • Taking Advantage of the Internet
      Concerning a Visit from Ecuador  

    May thru June '98

      Cosmology 102
    Cosmology 102a Cosmogenic Bootstrap Cosmology 102b Hoax? Working Both Sides Phenomenology on the Sly? Patrolling the Perimeter Oversight of Phenomenology Inquiry Report -- 5/22/98   Inquiry Report -- 5/25/98 An Informal Network Busy Beavers -- pt. 1 Busy Beavers -- pt. 2 The Tree on the Quad BioTechnology The Weird Concerned Citizen


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