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January 2000 to present


The Logic of Existence

  • Contra Physics
  •   Potency
      An End to Complexity?
      A Matter of Non-Contradiction
      Atlas v Chicken Little
    Society for the (Non?)Preservation of Pi
      One Atom, One World
      Kicking the Stone
      Burnt Meat
      Now We're Talking:
      The Living Hologram
      God Romances the Apeiron
      Time & Progress
      Enformy, Anthropics & God   Dreaming of Atoms, Germs & Cosmic Ecology
      Designs on the Future
      Reason & Passion
      Implications of Life
      The Cartesian Theater Redivivus
      Cosmology 103
      Pearl Divers
      Limits to Growth
      Handle on the Monad
      Celestial Mechanics
      Rare Earth
      Atoms Lite
      Atoms on Call
      Belly right up...It's Chow Time!
      An Economic Outlook
      The Last Miracle
      Economics & the Idea of Progress
      The Big Bubble in the Sky
      Walden to Conantum
      On Not Taking It with Us
      On Quitting Our Day Jobs -- Gracefully
      Gravity’s Logic
      Gnosis Envy
      Believing in Love
      Logos Spermatikos
      The Bomb Squad
      Cargo Cult
      Selves & Atoms
      ‘Dear Ron’
      Realities for sale or rent,
    Reality Engineering
      Selves & Atoms II
      Dan’s Double-Bind
      God & ET
      Ferreting out the Answer
      Ocelot & Ferret
      Scripting the Non-Announcement

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