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January through December 1999
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Bookmarks -- '98 - '99

January through February 1999


Felicitous Culpability

A Cover Letter
Operation 'Prince Charming' Aquarium’s Campus Initiative The Eschaton
Our Greatest Threat
Threat Assessment
Threat Assessment – pt 2
The Death of God
A proposal for continuing a scientific dialog
A Cure for Metaphysics
Science & Absolutism
  The Absolute
  Kingdom Come
  How Objective is the World?   Objectivity
  Objectivity 2
  The Vulnerability of Science
  Beethoven’s Fifth
  Telephony v. Telepathy
  Free Energy & All That
  The Blameless God
  The Corrigibility of Science
  The Logic of Creation
  Resistance to the Anomalous
  The One & the Many
  Personal Identity
  Science & Reason
  Free Will?
  Barrier to God?
  One with God
  Down Memory Lane
  Constructing the Past
  Top Down
  Constructing Heaven

March to December 1999



  Bird & Window
  The Self-Regulation of Spirit
  Construction of the World
  The Furniture of the World
  The ‘Holy’ Family
  Cosmic Self
  God & the Quantum
  Jack & the Discarnates
  • Genius in his Madness?
  •   Natural Intelligence
      Buddha & Jesus
      Yahweh & Jesus
      Whither Materialism?
  • Looking for the next big thing
  •   Millennium Gridlock
      A Tight Ship
      In God We Don’t Trust
      The Primordial Self

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